5 Breathtaking Poses for a Fairy-Tale Wedding

5 Breathtaking Poses for a Fairy-Tale Wedding

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As the wedding day arrives, your heart surely would be pumping more than usual.  Surely the event occurs once in a lifetime but creates thousands of beautiful memories. And, pictures play a vital role in capturing those memories. 

Apart from dance, music, food and other events, photography has become a crucial part of once big wedding feast. A right pose adds a layer of satisfaction to the photograph. There are numerous poses you can to try to create a sense of wonder and romance. That being said, you won’t have to rely on candid moments anymore.

However, it has become challenging to choose the right posture that matches the occasion. So, we thought to make it a little easier by recommending five breathtaking poses for a fairy-tale wedding. Here are they-

1. Lying on the Grass

If your wedding is planned for spring or summer days, then this is the best pose to capture the adorable beauty of your partner. The theme of this pose emphasizes on capturing a couple’s heads with beautiful grass in the background. The couples have to lie down on the grass with their heads in the opposite direction. To make it even more fun and lively, the groom could keep her hands near the groom’s face.

2. Forehead Kiss

This pose is best to show the love between the couples. This is a simple but romantic pose. Moreover, this pose will help the couple relax between the photoshoot. 

Here are some tips for a forehead kiss pose:

  • The groom has to wrap his hands around the bride’s waist.
  • The photo should be planned in a way that it shows the groom pulling the bride towards him and kissing her forehead.
  • Choose a good background like sunset or beach.

3. The Umbrella Pose

If you are looking for a stylish vintage pose, then picture beneath an umbrella can be the best choice for you. 

Here are some tips for this pose:

  • Try to capture the photo under the right weather conditions. It will look perfect if shot while raining.
  • Use a black umbrella if you are not adding any light effects.
  • Wear the same color dress.

4. The Ring Pose

Ring pose is best for showcasing the ceremonial rings before it happens. Thus, having pictures featuring wedding rings are undoubtedly create a distinct picture in your wedding album. Besides this pose is the best suited for the cover photo. The ring pose photograph will be the best memory of your wedding as your marriage life starts right after it.

Here are some tips for the Ring Pose:

  • Take a perfect shot with the groom bending on his knees and placing the ring in the bride’s finger.
  • Groom placing the ring in the bride’s finger while both of them looking into each other’s eyes. 

5. Photo while dancing

This is the best pose to capture for showing the moments of happiness during the wedding. Capture a beautiful image with the bride leaning in the groom’s arms. The first dance photograph of the couple is a sweet memory and must be captured for the future.

Last Words

Photographs are the best way to capture memories. A perfect pose makes the images clear and meaningful. Make sure to try these poses with your loved ones before you embark on the next chapter of your life.

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