4 Easy yet Effective Tricks for Beard Maintenance

4 Easy yet Effective Tricks for Beard Maintenance

According to a study from Switzerland, a man’s beard houses more bacteria than the hair of dogs. While it may sound pretty gross, bearded men all over the world should know that this is definitely not something to panic about. The researchers in the study tested a very small sample group, but the universal truth is this: having a beard can be a breeding ground for bacteria if left unattended.

Gone are the days when looking after yourself is frowned upon. Men of all walks of life are realising just how essential it is to look after one’s bear to keep the facial hair looking fresh. Beard grooming and maintenance has never been so easy! There are now sections in shops dedicated solely to men’s beard care, and there is no reason for you to just leave your facial hair growing without taking care of it.

If you were wondering about where you should start with beard maintenance, then you have stumbled upon the perfect article for you. We have pooled together the most essential things you should know to keep your face looking clean and stylish! Read on to find out how.

1- Patience is key.

One thing that people who have gorgeous beards will tell you is that it took a lot of patience to get to where it is. Self-restraint is the name of the game when it comes to facial hair! If you have only started growing your facial hair, it is important that you deny yourself the urge to trim or style it for about a month or so. By doing this, you will be giving your beard the chance to grow evenly, thus, making it easier to style later on. Take note, however, that men’s facial hair grows at different speeds. Consider using oils that aid in beard growth:


2- Wash your beard frequently.

When we say wash your beard, we don’t mean just getting it wet and running it over with soap every time you shower. The rule of thumb is to wash your beard as many times as you wash the hair on your head. For example, one always washes their hair after a particularly sweaty workout, and the beard should be included in that as well.

Experts recommend using a beard shampoo like the ones on The Sardar Co in order to make sure that your facial hair is fully cleansed and looked after. Beard shampoos tend to be milder than hair shampoos, which is great for maintaining its natural moisture.

3- Learn to trim or train your beard on your own.

Once you have achieved the desired style and shape of your bears, a regular trim will help you keep it looking its best without having to drop by and spending money at a barber’s shop. As long as you know the basics, it should be relatively easy to care for your beard at home. However, if you can’t risk it, you can still keep your beard in line by giving it a daily comb! Consistently running through your beard with a comb will get rid of stubborn hairs and train them to stay in a downward direction.

4- Dry your beard properly.

You may think that your facial hair does not need the help of a blow-dryer, but trust us: It will make a world of difference.

Since facial hair tends to be thicker than other bodily hairs, it can become a moist breeding ground for bacteria if you just leave it to air dry. Consider blow-drying your facial hair to make sure that you won’t let it become an environment where bacteria will thrive in.

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