5 Fashionable gifts for the men in your life this holiday season

5 Fashionable gifts for the men in your life this holiday season

It might seem like the year 2020 never really got started, but in a few months, we’ll be welcoming in a new year. Before then, there’s just the small matter of the holiday season to prepare for. Our dads, uncles,     grandads and even our boyfriends or husbands can often be the hardest person to know who to buy for. Here are five present ideas for the men in your life this Christmas.

Grooming kit

Due to the lockdown restrictions this year, many of us didn’t see our hairdresser for months. That meant that one of the most sought-after products this summer was a grooming kit so men could give themselves an emergency haircut. If someone in your life tried and failed to use the kitchen scissors instead, buy them an electric shaver with all the attachments they need to make a good job of it next time. 


A clothing item have often been the present that seems the least exciting of all the gifts a man can get on Christmas Day. This is mainly because everybody thinks it as a routine item and a gift must be something out of the box. Instead going for some clothing for your man can be very useful. Spend your money on a pair of luxury socks or a shirt or men’s chinos so it can be worn all year round. And throughout the year when he will put on these, you will be remembered.


Now it might seem like a weird choice to buy someone sunglasses during the season we’re the least likely to need them. By giving the gift of sunglasses, you are giving them something they can look forward to using in the future. So many presents are forgotten about shortly after Christmas Day, but these will still be used in the summer months. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size, as one size pretty much fits all heads.

Sport kit

If the person you’re buying for is mad on a sport team, then you can’t go wrong by buying them the replica kit. Not only can they wear it to show their allegiance to their side, but many of the tops out there are very stylish. Gone are the days where a sports top and shorts are classed as loungewear. Instead many celebrities, including Normal People’s Paul Mescal, are wearing these as a stylish outfit. 


A lot of men, especially when they’re in their older years, probably don’t think twice about looking after their skin. Once they’ve tried products like moisturisers and face washes, they’ll realise just how beneficial it can be. Whilst there was a time where some men would refuse even to put such products on their skin, ad campaigns involving former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and even the current Liverpool football squad have made them a lot more popular. There are so many products now designed for men, so you’ll find something to suit everybody. 

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