4 Easy Hobbies That Are Bound to Get You Creative


Everyone has an arty side, even if you aren’t fully aware of it. It can be quite therapeutic as the feeling after making something can be quite rewarding. If you are looking for new hobbies that are a lot more hands on, these are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Pom Poms

Due to the simplicity of Pom Poms, they are something anyone of any age can make. The method is very easy as you only need wool, carboard and a media. These make a nice feature as a pom pom garland and can be hung around your room to introduce a nice pop of color. They are also a good idea as a cat toy, as they will enjoy playing with them, and are cheaper than purchasing them.

Origami Owls

Origami is a very nice paper technique used to create some very impressive work. Originally made in Japan, there are many things you can make with the origami technique, one being an origami owl. DIY Formula provides easy to understand methods and providing you follow them correctly, you won’t go wrong. This can also make a nice present for someone who appreciates something playful and fun. Depending on the variation you decide to go with, it can also be a good bookmark with the beak hooking over the page, creative, right?

Wall Tidies

If you are a more functional person who likes something with more purpose, a wall tidy is a great idea. It is guaranteed to test your DIY abilities, but the result is very useful for storage, whether they are used for bathroom essentials, to store shoes or organize toys. They will free up space and avoid over-cluttering of the household. They can hide away quite well too as they can be hung inside wardrobes or behind doors, allowing more floor space. The process to make them may be longer than others but making each pocket and attaching it to a larger material is an easy method and is bound to get you into a routine.

Floral Crowns

Floral Crowns are a lovely accessory for festivals, or simply if you are connected to nature. They can also be used for other things, not just to be worn around the head. Floral crowns would make a nice decorative piece around a fruit bowl or could even be used as a wreath to hang somewhere around the house. This is a nice and interesting way of displaying nature within the home. As you can use fake flowers, you don’t have to worry about withering. Here, you can have a look at the ranges of different artificial flowers.

These are all innovative ways to get you connected to your creative side, that can be a nice gift or accessory in the home. The great thing about the creative world, is there is something for everyone so pick something and stick at it and before you know it you may have a new exciting hobby.

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