4 Benefits of Weighted Blankets

We’ve had fluffy blankets, we’ve had heated blankets, but now is the time for weighted blankets, and due to the many positive benefits of the product they’re sure to stick around. 

Weighted blankets can help people in a number of ways, such as aiding with sleep and helping individuals deal with mental health issues. There are a lot of potential benefits of this type of blanket, here are a few to help convince you that a weighted blanket should be a part of your nighttime routine. 

Bring Out Beneficial Chemicals and Hormones 

The pressure from a weighted blanket is designed to closely simulate the sensation of a hug and provide a feeling of warmth and security. This helps release the hormone oxytocin within your body, which is known to increase the feeling of relaxation and so makes you feel more at ease and comfortable. This hormone also slows down your heart rate and puts you into a relaxed state, which can reduce your blood pressure resulting in far improved sleep. 

The deep pressure sensation that this blanket provides also helps promote the release of two chemicals in the brain: dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you feel rewarded and happy, while serotonin calms and relaxes you, so in combination these chemicals can help combat mental health issues such as anxiety, chronic stress and clinical depression in conjunction with other forms of treatment. 

Help to Reduce Insomnia 

Insomnia is a condition that prevents people from sleeping well It can make them feel anxious when sleeping which makes them wake up, or it can stop them drifting off in the first place. Suffers of insomnia are said to be able to sleep far better when using a weighted blanket, as it helps them become less restless and can make them feel a lot more relaxed. It’s thought the reason for this is because of the sensation the heavy material has on the body when one moves underneath it, as it’s thought to be affirming and calming, which releases hormones that soothes the nervous system. A weighted blanket or weighted throw is a good, non-drug option to help people combat insomnia and access better sleep which can improve their overall health. 

Improves Focus in Students 

A good night’s sleep helps boost the brain and makes it better equipped to solve problems and focus. Most people already know that a great way to generate a good night’s sleep is to use a weighted blanket, as it encourages less motion and people to drift off more easily. Furthermore, a relaxed and stress-free brain is one that’s capable of learning better, meaning that the soothing effects of a weighted blanket can also help people learn better and focus more. As well as a weighted throw, there are other weighted items that can be worn during studies, such as vests and lap pads, to help provide these benefits around the clock. 

Eases Restless Leg Syndrome 

Restless leg syndrome can be described as the sensation of a tingling feeling in your leg that’s most apparent at night. It can greatly impair your sleep, as you constantly feel the need to move your lower limbs. A weighted blanket can help relax this feeling as it applies pressure to the legs without constricting them, making them feel more at ease which can help suffers drift off far more easily. 

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