3 Fast-Entry Healthcare Careers Worth Considering

3 Fast-Entry Healthcare Careers Worth Considering

The demand for competent professionals is always on the rise in the healthcare industry, as medical facilities and organizations need to accommodate the ongoing need for patient care and treatment that coincides with a continually growing population. However, even though there are plenty of people enrolling in programs to earn various kinds of medical degrees, the large number of different job positions that have to be filled means that there will still be significant shortages in many sectors within the next 5-10 years.

Surprisingly, many of these in-demand jobs will be obtainable with degrees that can be earned in as little as two years, and even graduates with little to no experience should find it easy to land their initial employment. With that said, if you’re looking for a quick way to make entry into healthcare, you might want to start by examining the following three career options:

1. Dental Assistant

Although the career path for a dentist is relatively lengthy, it’s possible to become a dental assistant in as little as one to two years. Plus, dentists everywhere need help, so it’s a position that’s very similar to nursing in terms of widespread job availability. Furthermore, given the popularity and demand of this position, a huge number of online degree programs and physical schools have arisen to provided courses in this field. As such, it’s easy to find the best dental assistant schools in your area (i.e. – Atlanta) by simply searching for a curated list of course providers online using a search term like “dental assistant programs in Atlanta,” for example.

2. Registered Nurse

Anyone who is weighing their options in the medical field has probably already considered the option of becoming a nurse, as it’s a job that is always in high demand due to the ongoing shortage of registered nurses. If you’ve abandoned the idea in favor of a more challenging yet higher paying career path, you may want to reconsider, as starting as a nurse is a common route taken by many doctors, surgeons, and other advanced medical professions in their formative years in the industry. You can become an RN in just two years and it’s a job that will have you gaining hands-on experience to augment your resume along with a higher-level degree in the future.

3. Medical Secretary

If you like the idea of working in healthcare because of the inherent benefits, but you don’t like the idea of having to be directly involved in patient care, you may want to consider becoming a medical secretary. This job lets you take advantage of the ubiquitous presence of healthcare facilities within a clerical job that may suit your personal work preferences more.

Benefits of Opting for a Job with Easy Entry

Although you may be leaning towards the route of a longer degree path that will result in a more prestigious credential that makes you eligible for higher paying salaries, depending on your financial situation and goals, it may be better to start with an entry-level position to ensure that you’ll be steadily employed within the healthcare profession while you’re working towards advancing your career.

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