YouTube’s hottest comedian Lauren Francesca gets hotter as she takes over the world

YouTube’s hottest comedian Lauren Francesca gets hotter as she takes over the world

With over a BILLION views Lauren Francesca is undeniably one of YouTube’s elite. Playboy most recently over the summer named her one of YouTube’s top 10 hottest YouTubers!

Not only is Lauren easy on the eyes but she’s  also hilarious!  Like a new age Jenny Mcarthy meet Joan rivers minus the offensives jokes.  So we caught up with Lauren and asked her some questions about how she went from making YouTube videos to starring in movies with Method Man and she gave me everything I wanted to know and more!

 You are more than just an internet sensation you are a star, What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?

 As an actor I was cast in the hit web series; “The Key of Awesome” by Barely Political. The first videos I did where featured on the news and one had over 10 million hits in one day. This show gave me the opportunity to be a guest on 2020 and other news show. Along with acting I was growing an instant fan base of people who wanted to follow me. I knew that YouTube would give me the opportunity to grow as an actress and producer as it inspired me to create my own content.

Lauren Francesca

Are there any other famous celebs such as Lady Gago which you made an extremely successful parody video of that inspire you to create these wonderful master pieces?

 I really love powerful women like Madonna and Oprah that have succeed to become role models when they came from nothing. These women inspire me to take my own path in producing content.

Can you take us through the process of a day of filming with I want my Lauren?

 Filming for my channel is a lot more laid back then if I were just hired for a shoot but I love it. I work with my friends they come over and we make content together. All of the content that I post is in my voice, and is made with love. Sometimes I shoot videos by myself using my dog George to help me focus the camera. I always try to be motivational and positive with my viewers.
 We see your love for acting and the success behind your videos has gotten you noticed and landed you in a feature film with a music lovers favorite  Method Man? Can you tell us how you landed the role ?
 I auditioned for the movie, I had several call backs and I was really just lucky. I didn’t even know Method Man was going to be in the movie. It was a cool character that I could relate to. So I wanted to audition for it. I didn’t think I was going to get it. I was visiting NYC from California and wasn’t even going to be able to make the audition. I decided to go because I loved the character so much and the rest is history. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work on this.


What advice would you give other Hollywood hopefuls who want to cross over from video star to a Big screen actor?
 Be positive, it is very hard to get discouraged when being an actor. Also, take lessons and work on different characters. Make sure your prepared for the opportunity when it comes your way. Also, stay in the know and never let your ego get in the way of your success.


Where can people keep up with you on all your social media and latest projects?

My YouTube channel is where I post all of my long form content YouTube. I also post regular on Facebook and Instagram  and vine, Lauren Francesca


 Check out Laurn Francesca’s recent video thanking her subscribers for reaching a milestone of 200k along with some other famous internet stars!

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