Wooden Watches for Men and Women by Giacomo Design

Wooden Watches for Men and Women by Giacomo Design

Wooden watch for your next special occasion? Why not? Especially if it came from Giacomo Design, you’ll surely love every feature!

One of the highlights of Giacomo Design is their popular collections of wooden watches – thoroughly crafted for every need and financial plan of both men and women. They do not just make a fashionable statement but last a lifetime as well. This is good news for those tight in the budget because they don’t have to buy another one for themselves. Not to mention, these type of watches do not go out of date!

Reasons to love Giacomo Design’s wood watches

Simply unique and rare

All Giacomo Design wooden watches are completely handwritten unlike many of the classic wrist watches. This means, it is impossible to have the same design. Even if two watches are a part of the similar production line, they will be crafted from varying wood part, and they will have some variation in color and grain, as well as different pattern.

Very light and comfortable to wear

Since wood watches are not vulnerable to temperature, so they are an extremely durable item. You can also find them very comfortable to wear compared to plastic or metal watches.

Crafted with a story

The Giacomo Design’s wooden watches are not just watches but improve the overall look of a person to greater heights. The store is not just popularly known for their design craftsmanship, but every story that tells about the materials used as well.


Each wooden watch from Giacomo Design is made from sustainable materials. The professionals are dedicated to preserving our beautiful nature.


Especially those with sensitive skins, wooden watches prove to be an ideal option since they do not cause any skin reaction. Even when exposed to the humid or hot condition, the item will not trigger skin rash.

Age beautifully

Unlike ceramic, metal, or plastic watch, the wooden watch will not wear down over time. In fact, it will look better as time goes by.


Even the priciest wood watches are actually reasonably priced. You will find all of the items at Giacomo Design good for your wallet.


Giacomo Design only makes the best wood watches out of finishes and materials that are non-toxic and chemical-free. Hence, rest assured they will not add any harmful side effects to your day to day life.

Easy to maintain

What’s more, watches that are made of wood don’t require a lot of maintenance. They can still look beautiful even with less effort! All you need to do is apply a bit of olive oil or lemon with a clean cotton cloth and then rub it gently.

Not heat-sensitive

Compared to leather or metal watches, wooden is actually resistant to water and heat. It is much lighter and is amazingly breathable than other types of watches.

Stand out among the rest!

One of the obvious reasons why wooden watches should be added in your accessory – they can help you create that fashion statement that people will surely get jealous of! Giacomo Design guarantees that you’ll get many complimentary statements when you purchase.

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