Winstag iOS App: The Best App for Fashion Visionaries

Winstag iOS App: The Best App for Fashion Visionaries

The fashion industry is an ever-changing niche, and fashion enthusiasts should always stay in touch with this evolution. In this digital era, you no longer have to flip through thousands of magazines and take cutouts from the pages. Instead, the Winstag Fashion and Trends app for iOS devices has got your back in terms of updating you on the latest fashion trends.

The Winstag app can actually be described as the fashion enthusiast’s dream come true. This app offers a platform for fashion lovers, enthusiasts and celebrities to meet up virtually, interact and share their fashion ideas. Using your phone’s camera, this app allows the user to take pictures, post it on the app and even share them on social media sites including FaceBook and Twitter among others.

With this app, the user can position themself as a fashion fanatic or a fashion influencer such as a stylist, blogger or stylish celebrity. Their Winstag pages can then be followed by their fans, keeping them up to date with the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle movements. Such a following is not only limited to the top fashion gurus on this platform, but also to new users. It is easy to create an account and have people follow you depending on the fashion pictures and posts you upload to your account.


What makes the Winstag app unique?

The Winstag app’s positive reviews can be attributed to its unique features that place it top amongst other apps of its caliber. First of all, this app is versatile; it allows photographing, posting, sharing and tagging of fashion pictures. It also allows you to follow your favorite fashion influencers and have your own account followed by other fashion lovers who admire your style. Its direct integration of pictures and posts to Facebook and Twitter, as well as its ease of access via social media sites and email accounts, also makes this app really different from most apps of its kind.

Unlike most similar apps, the Winstag app has an exceptional way of tagging outfits. Depending on the specific outfit you want to share with the world, this app lets you create a tag placed right onto that outfit. Tags to a particular outfit can be linked directly to the site or page where a similar item can be bought. Note that the developer Ollywan Limited of this app is currently working on the more user friendly UI and tying up with more & more online retailers. All this new version of the app is expects to come in this new year. So, this makes it a great tool for retailers and marketers who want to advertise their fashion goods and services directly on this app.

Cash Prizes Offered

With all its generosity, the Winstag app, never lets its first 50 users go empty-handed. Rather, it does offer its users 15 stg, 45 stg and 100 stg for referring at least 10 friends, 25 friends and 50 friends respectively within a month. By linking 10 brands, 25 brands or 50 brands, the user earns 15 stg, 45 stg or 100 stg respectively in one month.

With the beautiful, easy to use and responsive user interface, the Winstag app absolutely befits its iOS status. With this app on your iPhone or iPad, your outlook on fashion will change greatly and download it from here –


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