Why is Light Therapy so Popular with Celebrities?

Why is Light Therapy so Popular with Celebrities?

Celebrities understand the power of light, especially on the red carpet. Many of them spend thousands of dollars every year to attract the right kind of light and attention. Celebrities are now pushing their love for light to skin treatment. Top stars have been taking photos while undergoing light-based skin treatment and sharing them on social media. The treatment involves wearing a white mask made of multi-colored wavelengths. Cells absorb photons in the mask and transform them into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which repair and regenerates cells, among other functions. Light-based treatment has become popular for these and other reasons.

1. Multiple Skin Benefits

Dermatologists use different wavelengths for different skin treatments. For instance, blue wavelengths are used to treat acne while red light has anti-aging benefits. Sometimes, dermatologists combine different lights to improve the condition of the skin, including its complexion. Light treatment accelerates the process of regenerating and rejuvenating skin cells. In addition, the treatment has anti-inflammatory benefits. Celebrities combine the conventional skin treatment like facials and peels. Lights are used to improve the effectiveness of topical medication for sun damage and acne. It takes a while to treat conditions like acne with medication, but light therapy speeds up the healing process.

2. Convenience

While celebrities enjoy the flashbulbs and cameras on red carpets, they still value privacy. The stars can mask their faces at home or in between events. Light masks have negligible side effects and hence can be used on the entire body. Celebrities can purchase the lamps or masks and use them at home. Some purchase full-body machines or beds to treat different conditions at home. In addition, sites like Examined Existence help buyers to select the right full spectrum lamps to use at home. The light treatment is fast and takes about 20 minutes every day to achieve the desired results. The portable masks may not be as effective as the beds in a dermatologist office, but consistent use improves the skin appearance.

3. Variety

The lamps used in light-based skin therapy come with different featured and at different prices. Sometimes buyers opt for the at-home therapy to complement the therapy sessions with their dermatologists. Some buy lamps to treat minor skin conditions or just improve the complexion. With multiple reviews online, buyers can pick the best portable mask or lamp that suits their budget and needs. Most of the lamps sold for skin treatment are easy to install and safe to use at home. The wavelengths vary across the lamps as well. With the guidance of a dermatologist, users can safely improve their appearance with light therapy that is within their budget.


Light therapy will continue to gain popularity, especially among Hollywood stars, because of the multiple skincare benefits. Celebrities can safely use portable masks at home to complement other skin care processes. Topical medication and the convenience of treating skin flaws at home makes light therapy more popular and desirable than appointments with a dermatologist.

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