What are the Most Popular Wedding Colours of 2019?

Weddings are a very personal and intimate occasion. It signifies family, love, warmth, and connection. We all dream of our D-day to be perfect. And most of us won’t have it any other way, will we? So there are few elements to be taken care off on your wedding.

The most critical element other than hunting for the wedding dresses is the wedding color. We all want the color to be trendy and capable. It should complement the entire setting of the wedding. Be it indoors or outdoors, Jazz like or retro, colors do help define the theme better. So here are some of the top trendy wedding colors of 2019:

1. Lush Green and Coral:

This color palette resembles freshness and nature. This color goes well along outdoor events and has a very warm feel to it. It also helps the wedding have a country-style vibe with a tad bit of vintage touch. It is definitely a popular choice for weddings. It makes the entire event appear grounded and beautiful. Therefore this palette is best-suited for an intimate occasion like weddings. You can choose from classic ivory wedding dresses with this palette.

2. Burgundy and Maroons:

For winter weddings there can’t be no color better than the dark hues of burgundy and maroon. Bridesmaids are popularly choosing burgundy bridesmaid dresses as it enhances their looks. And it also brings class and chicness into the picture. There is no reason why one must not choose this palette for their wedding color. Elegance and class all in one palette, what else can one ask for?

3. Nudes, Peaches, and Mint:

Known for its enhancing qualities, this palette is now a top choice for its neutralizing ability. Be it indoors or outdoors, this color looks soothing and brings instant calmness in the environment. The colors are subtle and complement every other color. They are a popular choice as no color feels like a mismatch when combined with this palette. You can add burgundy bridesmaid dresses to create a contrast here.

4. Dusty Blue and Blush:

If you are looking for an earthy palette with a classic touch, this palette is your go-for color. The color has pleasing feels and makes everything around it look prettier. Dusty blue when combined with blush pink, it immediately creates a serene environment. Decorate them by using one on the table cloth and the other as a complementary color on table napkins, and see the magic it creates.

5. Rose Gold and Blush:

These two complementary shades have seen ever-increasing popularity since its use in mobile back cases. The weddings too shall witness the magic of these two shades.

They simply balance each other beautifully and bring with them a romantic effect. The colors are used popularly in bridesmaid dresses. They can also be put use in decoration- use blush colors for bouquets and rose gold for curtains. They go pretty well along and have a pretty delicate effect; perfectly well balanced for a wedding.


Wedding color set the emotion and environment for the occasion. The occasion to bring together two loved ones should have the colors that outline love altogether- pious, beautiful and warm. Choose the wedding color that best defines your love!

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