We sat down with Mrs Coco Zevallos CEO OF Zevallos shoes

We sat down with Mrs Coco Zevallos CEO OF Zevallos shoes

First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
We are a team of 7 bespoken shoemaker who makes beautiful shoes for women.

What makes Zevallos different than other online shoe stores?
Not only do we sell one of a kind shoes, we custom make them. Our customers send in measurements and we make the shies to fit her needs. Our clients love that.

Are there different Designer or just yourself?
There are! Our clients lol They truly do help me come up with cool ideas, I mean they show continued success Most of what you see on our website sells best.

Do you guys make your shoes in the USA?
Zevallos shoes are made designed in North America Made in our small factory in China.

How many people work with you?
I’m the only one in my studio (unless you count my friends via facetime), but I partner with people in other fields when necessary, for things like brand photography, video editing, motion graphics, and copywriting. I have many resources for collaboration available to me.

Do you allow your customers to use payment plains?
Yes, in order to make it easier for our customers, I offer a payment plan. It’s really easy to get started and our customers LOVE IT!

What’s trending?
I don’t know, lol my goal is to make shoe stopper heels and boots. I don’t really follow trends because I want my clients to be able to wear her shoes from now until . Trends fade fast, I don’t follow them.

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