Versatile, Durable and Stylish Potenza Travel Bags

Versatile, Durable and Stylish Potenza Travel Bags

If you travel a lot you must be familiar with the problems we have to face due to low quality bags. A couple of years bag I lost my precious belongings due to bad material of my travel bag as it was torn from one side and only noticed when I reached the destination. Meanwhile So many items were missing. Since that day I haven’t used cheap or low quality bags as saving money in buying such bags can cost you so much in loss of your important and precious items. So I have tried quite a few bags for traveling (I travel a lot you know) but I finally stick to one bag at the end. The one that gave me pleasure of traveling with peace of mind about my belongings. The bags I am talking about are Duffle Bags by Potenza.


As my readers know, I am very choosy and always go through each and every feature and details of the product before sticking to it. So I have gone through all the features of these bags, tried on different things on these. Took the opinions of my fellow shoppers and finally came to the conclusion, that the Potenza Travel bags, are durable, versatile, easy to carry, secure and feature heavy duty zippers.

First thing that impressed me is the material they have used. High quality material with nylon lining that makes it durable as Rip-Tuf Nylon fabric, resists punctures and tears for long term durability. Apart from that they have used genuine full grain leather on all exterior including leather carry handle. That makes it more secure and reliable.

As I have already mentioned I have used so many bags and my main issue with most of them was low quality zipper. I always used to wonder they are charging so much and still they are using such low quality zipper that either gets stuck at a points or breaks down in the middle of your tour. But Potenza has taken care of this issue exceptionally well. They have used premium quality YKK zippers. You will surely love your experience with these zippers.

And next thing on my liking chart about these bags is versatility. Actually these are not those type of bags, you will label as a long tour bags. You can even use it for travel weekender or overnight bag. These are classic yet stylish. There is a kind of grace in these bags.

I already mentioned the handle that’s so soft and durable. Their shoulder pad, with antislip rubber underside for a carrying comfort is yet another plus point of Potenza travel bags. and if you dont want to go with Charcoal Grey they offer the Duffle bag in Sandstone Tan as well.

And the last thing that really won my heart. They are offering a lifetime warranty on these bags, and they ship internationally as well So what are you waiting for? Before you plan your next trip have a look at Potenza travel bags


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