US Agricultural Sector Outlook

It’s no secret that the United States is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. And agriculture in America is significant. The US agro-industrial complex fully meets the domestic market needs (exotic products such as coffee, cocoa, bananas are exceptions), and also makes huge volumes of grain export to other countries.

Why Is the United States a Leader in Agricultural Production?

The USDA predicts that the volume of exported grain will only grow. In the early 1950s, there were about 6 million farms in the United States. By the end of the 1990s, this number had dropped to 2.2 million. Accordingly, the number of employees decreased by almost 10 times, but the number of exports increased. What does this mean? Only large farms that use modern equipment remain in this industry. Such equipment is manufactured by Metra Group, which can boast the best high-tech combine harvesters.

How New Technologies Affect Agribusiness

In any area of business, the use of new technologies optimizes the workforce, reduces costs, and brings more profits. Therefore, agricultural technologies don’t stand still. For about 6 years, the American manufacturer Metra Group has been doing everything possible to develop agricultural technology. Harvesters from Metra are used on large and small farms.

Metra Grain Cleaners: Technical Features

New Metra aerodynamic cleaners consume 2-3 times less energy while not reducing productivity. The modern impeller minimizes the loss of airflow, prevents small debris from entering the air intake, and reduces the power of the electric motor on the separators, eliminating vibrations.

The digital indicator shows when the grain will be cleaned and its calibration. The “reverse” mode is also very convenient. With its help, machines will be cleared of previous work in 10 minutes.

Damage to the motor from power surges is also excluded. Most importantly, harvesters don’t require frequent technical intervention. Farmers just need to properly care for them after the harvesting season has ended.

When using grain cleaners, the grain is not damaged, and it is very precisely calibrated. And the germination of grain is about 98%.

By the way, grain cleaners easily cope with many types of fungi that affect grain.

The Role of the Farming Community in Agricultural Success

The Metra Company is actively developing all over the world. Therefore, anyone can become an official distributor of its products. You can join the company as a partner right now. By the way, representatives of the company constantly participate in agricultural exhibitions. This helps them find out what the farmers lack for even better work. Thanks to this approach, Metra grain cleaner have become an indispensable tool on farms.

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