Up Close and Personal with Germany Kent, Award-winning Author of You Are What You Tweet

Up Close and Personal with Germany Kent, Award-winning Author of You Are What You Tweet

The skilled journalist, producer and social media maven talks book publishing in Hollywood, and writing as a first love

Germany Kent

In the most inspiring sense, some authors help us to realize things that we never really thought about and take our imaginations to a galaxy far away. As a society, we buy into the norm that most self-help books are the exact same. We think the narrative is in align with what others have already written or what is the traditional expression given along those lines. So its rare when a unique message surfaces that encompasses the very things that we thought we knew so much about.

In a very engaging and significant way Germany Kent, author of You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life, has penned a book that offers a platform for personal growth development and is both entertaining, yet informative. My feeling is that this book will have a deep and long-lasting influence on all who reads it. Kent is a woman who loves life and is comfortable in her own skin. She is very easygoing so it’s no surprise that her book is written in a conversational tone with the perks of checklists, bullet points, quotes and recap sessions. It’s a fun read.

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of being a Hollywood talent, and best-selling author, but Kent keeps it real and remains focused on what’s important and to her that is spreading the message about social media etiquette. She understands her level of influence approaching with hard conversations and reinstating issues that need not be taken so lightly. Movement maybe? But certainly a response to the problem openly that has become an epidemic on social media; that is the regular practice of how the conversation online is handled in our culture and the psychological effect that those views expressed over the Internet are viewed by the world.

Today we spotlight Germany Kent, the author of a book with a greater influence and message that cannot be ignored. In this interview, we spoke with the game-changer to find out more about the woman behind the book. She is quite amusing. Don’t believe us? Keep reading below to get up close and personal with Kent in this take five interview.

What inspires you to write?
Life and the world around me. I find interesting take-a-ways and inspiration from many sources. I find it to be deeply satisfying, enriching and quite relaxing. When I was younger I loved writing poetry and making up news stories so I guess it’s something very deeply rooted in me that I carry from childhood. I keep a notepad in my SUV, scratch paper throughout the house, a journal bedside and always sit on ready to record notes when the inspiration hits. I have always loved writing. It was my first love.

What techniques have helped you to bring it all together and how would you advise a new author?
I go through and condense, edit and tweak. I like to put the writing down for a bit and do something else and then revisit it. Often I find that once my mind is clear, I am able to see things more vividly and make updates and corrections accordingly. I do a lot of research, and become familiar with what is already available on the market to readers. You always want to offer a new perspective because having a different vibe will help to set your publication apart from others. Like anything worthwhile, it will take patience, refining and sacrifice. Put in the work. Most of all, don’t rush. Do several drafts, and edit with great enthusiasm. Do not consider the hard work you put into the book as a chore – nurture it as if it were a baby, because it is “your baby!”

What books do you read?
I’ve enjoyed reading books by money guru Suze Orman. I have owned The Courage To Be Rich, The Laws of Money, Women and Money, and The Road To Wealth. I have since donated all of them so that others could have a chance to learn nuggets from the books.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
Book publishers who compete in the electronic book market are very smart. Though there are some people who are always going to want to have their book delivered to their doorstep so they can hold a physical book, there are some who want it “right now” and are able to read on their electronic device immediately. Having several platforms where the book is available helps to keep publishers and their authors in a competitive position.

I also believe book publishing will be around as long as Hollywood is around. Books will never lose their charm. And with so many books being adapted to screenplays for the big screen I believe the future of book publishing is solid.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“It will work, if you work it,” which is a message of encouragement and motivation from my sweet grandmother.

Kent’s book has had a lasting impression on many in the tech and educational fields. The book continues to accumulate rave reviews. Her campaign for “You Are What You Tweet” has been met with wide acclaim. Her most personal achievement, however, is being able to mentor youth and serve as a hope ambassador leading the way for positive change.

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Germany Kent is the bestselling and award–winning author of You Are What You Tweet and The Hope Handbook Series. She has been named one of the Top 100 most influential people on Twitter, ranked as a Top 100 influencer in social media marketing and listed as one of the Top 100 people to follow on Twitter. She’s also a successful commercial actress, accomplished journalist and producer, motivational speaker, mental health advocate, in-demand consultant, avid volunteer and humanitarian.

Learn more about You Are What You Tweet at http://whatyoutweet.com/about-the-book

You can follow Germany @germanykent or learn more about her at www.germanykent.com

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