Tyler Hall talks about his anthology of poetry ‘Atop The Bookshelf’

Tyler Hall talks about his anthology of poetry ‘Atop The Bookshelf’

We are sharing our recent interview with Tyler Hall, who has made his debut into the literary world with this anthology of poetry.

Pro Media Mag: First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Tyler Hall: I only just started with my professional career. Although, I will say Atop the Bookshelf will be one of my many literary works. I have been writing few books as of late and Atop the Bookshelf was the first one to be completed. Therefore, it became wise to focus on the publication and distribution of Atop the Bookshelf.

Pro Media Mag: Who, or what, inspired you to get into writing?
Tyler Hall: First I must explain my history. I was never the type of person whom would develop an interest in writing. I was always the kind of guy whom did not see myself desiring such a field as a potential career.
Then, one day in Seventh Grade (or my Seventh Year of School depending on what country you are from), I was tasked to write about the time I was at a bad party or event. Since I was the type of child who never went to birthday parties, or any type of party for that matter, I turned to fiction. Hey, since I didn’t have any experience in that sort of thing, I did what anyone of us would have done! Made it all up! (Laughs)
I don’t remember much about that story what I wrote. However, I recall writing about a party comprising of my favorite fictional characters, historical figures, and I having the time of our lives. (Note, this was for a classroom assignment.) Then things started going sour when a group of zombies started acting up and causing trouble. Oh boy, those zombies were a pain in the ass I tell you! They went as far as to eat all the food, steal a mummy’s wrappings, and ultimately filled a swimming pool filed with jell-o!
While the original story was sadly lost, it nonetheless was one of the many things my teacher would recall for the rest of the school year!! While it has been, as I said, long lost. I will say from that day onward I found a love of writing fiction. The sheer amazement of being able to tell a story and to create a cast of characters made it all appealing to me. Taking a group of random people and putting them in some ordeal in which they need to escape or overcome became one of many staples in my writing.
Other sources which inspired me to begin writing were films, television shows, comics, Japanese Anime, and Video Games. Now, before I go onward, I must say I am a major fan of Japanese Anime. This is because it is more emotional and deep than American cartoons. Compare if you will: An American cartoon, that is the contemporary ones, are basically wash, rinse, repeat in the way of the plot, characters, and circumstances. Japanese Anime has characters growth and deep, moving plots not found in your typical American cartoon. Plus, Japanese Anime was also helpful in inspiring my own drawing abilities! (I love drawing as well and would love to take a cartooning class to prefect my work in that department as well!) The same can be said for comic books!
Video games became another source of inspiration for me to become a writer. This was mainly in part that video games are now becoming more cinematic than ever before. One could say it is akin to a film where one has control over the characters. If anything, video games these days should come with popcorn because they are that entertaining! A far cry from years ago, when they were just blocks on a screen.
Another major source of inspiration for becoming a writer was world history. Each day, our history books are becoming thicker and more complex as new events unfold. What is even more amazing is how the events recorded in history actually occurred and how they affected the lives whom witnessed it or lived through such things.
I started to develop my craft for writing by drafting fan fiction. Largely depicting me and my favorite fictional heroes, historical figures, and even professional wrestlers taking down a villain or two. This was perfect practice because those fan fictions, which I wrote more to entertain myself and as a “What If” tale, helped me develop story structures. To prevent me from becoming this “Gary Stu” type character which everyone hates, I circumvented this by giving myself a weakness. This was helpful because giving my author self-insert in these fanfictions allowed me to create weaknesses for future (original) characters and their individual tastes and preferences.
When I started writing my own original works, I utilized these experiences and influences to help me draft my own worlds, characters, and plots. Believe me, this was great practice and it helped majorly because writing isn’t just something you do just to do it. It takes practice, practice, more practice, and some more practice. Not to mention loads of editing, drafting, and conception.

Pro Media Mag: Tell us more about your recent release, poetry anthology “Atop the Bookshelf“?
Tyler Hall: Atop the Bookshelf was a five year long project about the different variations of the poetry genre. This is my first attempt at something so simple, yet so varied in terms of topics and themes. I have haiku poetry, free verse poetry, quatrains, and even traditional rhyming poetry.

Pro Media Mag: Who are your target readers, it will interest anyone in the literary world?
Tyler Hall: I hope to target all types of readers. No matter the individual tastes or interests, it is my deep longing desire to target everyone. Regardless if one is into romance, comedy, action, theology, sci-fi, war, drama, mystery, suspense, horror, or fantasy; I want to ensure I have something for everybody. Atop the Bookshelf is a cross-genre poetry book for all readers and ages. I love writing a mixture of all genres because I find limiting oneself to a single genre is too restricting as a writer.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of response you have received so far?
Tyler Hall: I only just published Atop the Bookshelf. Therefore it is not yet known of what response I shall receive. Therefore, it is of my dearest hope that Atop the Bookshelf and any subsequent works are received positively. However, the most important thing any writer needs most of all is readers. For readers are what determine the success or failure of a writer.

Pro Media Mag: What’s the best part of being a writer?
Tyler Hall: I believe being able to influence the world with your words is one of the best things about being a writer. Another great thing about being a writer, as in being a fiction writer, is using your imagination to create a scenario and characters to endure that ordeal. I love being able to create the worlds and scenarios my characters live in. The circumstances which warrant their role in the plot, and above all a character’s mannerisms, opinions, and lifestyles.
If I was not a writer, I would have loved to have been a film maker. The problems though with being a film maker, however, include obtaining actors, sets, locations, timing, and the equipment for special effects. Plus, I would have to contend with actors who would not normally preform the actions I require in my stories. I highly doubt any of my actors would want to put themselves through whatever “fun stuff” I’d have my characters go through.
Another factor to consider is finding locations for filming and obtaining the right permits. Then there is also the matter of the film budget. Films, even short films, are very expensive to produce. I’ve made some short films myself, but they were more of a hobby film than anything.
As a fiction writer on the other hand, there are no limits to what I can dictate and determine. If were a film maker, I would be hard pressed in convincing my actors to do something outrageous. Such as a group of twenty-somethings running around in the mud wearing nothing but briefs and bikinis on a cold, torrential rainy day strapped to explosives. Oh, and lets also not forget there are bullets flying all around and things exploding in the distance with soldiers kicking ass! Now, nobody in their right mind would want to do that. In fiction writing, however, anything goes. So if I write it, it’s going to happen no matter which one of my characters protests the loudest!

Pro Media Mag: Doing anything else apart from writing?
Tyler Hall: Oh my, where do I even begin?! Whenever I am not writing, I am cosplaying at local pop culture conventions. To those unfamiliar with the concept, Cosplay is where you dress up in homemade costumes and you portray a fictional character or celebrity. However with cosplay, it’s more than dressing up, it’s becoming the character. Acting out the character’s mannerisms, thoughts, and opinions. Believe me, I have seen some people making a living from cosplaying. For me, it’s more of an interest and a pastime.
Another thing I have been doing as of late would involve creating ASMR videos on youtube. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s been a new phenomenon in recent years. There are people who roleplay characters, doctors, create drawings, or simply go through a box of trinkets. However, it’s been widely received. Although, while I am not as popular as other ASMRists, I am still hoping to carve my piece into ASMR History by being part of it. If anyone is interested in watching what I have made so far in the way of ASMR videos, I am under the name ShadrachASMR on youtube.
And no, I am not going to force healthy young people to run around scantily clad in muddy rain while strapped to explosives. So no need to worry about that! (Hey, what’s with all the pitchforks and torches now all of a sudden?!)

Pro Media Mag: Are you working on any new project?
Tyler Hall: I am working on a load of new projects. Some which involve writing and drawing; others which involve acting and voice over work. I cannot say much more about them. The reason being is that announcing your plans has the downside of inspiring procrastination. Therefore, everyone will have to sit back and wait. “Atop the Bookshelf” was one of many books I am working on. There are many more to come so stay tuned!

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