Tristan Jamal Adisa talks about his clothing brand 5iveFace Clothing

Tristan Jamal Adisa talks about his clothing brand 5iveFace Clothing

We are sharing our interview with 5iveFace Clothing brand owner Tristan Jamal Adisa, a 33 years old born and raised in Toronto,Canada.

Tristan Jamal Adisa

Pro Media Mag : You have faced a tough time in your past, what made you change yourself in prison ?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : I went into prison as a young 23 years old male, and 9 years later I was a more mature and empowered 32 years old man.
I learned that alot of the mistakes young people make in life is trying to fit in due to peer pressure. The realization that I was incarcerated with people who were doing life, and that they may never see the light again, this realization was a rude awakening, it woke me up. I started reading and learning different skills that I needed to better myself, not only for me but for my mother and my family. This became my main focus, and with dedication, determination, discipline and through God I was able to make it through a rough time in my life.I believe prison is one of the most effective learning institutions in the world and at the end of the day it is not a place for anyone, but if one ends up there learn and grow
from it because repeating the same mistakes in life causes more pain and suffering. My message to the young and old who find themselves in a certain lifestyle is that the streets don’t love you they just take you away from people that do. Negative situations can turn into positive ones, so always believe in yourself.

Pro Media Mag : What was the inspiration behind launching your clothing brand “5iveFace”?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : My inspiration came from numerology while I was incarcerated I used to go to the library and study alot about numbers and learned the power of the number 5 which means change,power,unity.As humans we have 5 fingers,5 toes,and 5 senses so the number 5 represents everybody regardless of your sex or the color of your skin.
I was also born on the 5th of December so it also made sense.The word face just represents emotions and a mask that I feel everybody wears at certain times of their life whether their vulnerable or mad or sad. I feel that if you feel comfortable with yourself you should never have to wear a mask always be yourself no matter your flaws and you’ll do just fine.

Pro Media Mag : What are your key products?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : My key products are the T-Shirts, shoes and Dad hats.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received, people are liking your products?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : I have received alot of good feedback especially being in the clothing business,especially due to the fact that my brand is unique and there’s no gender discrimination, anyone can represent my brand, its not gender bias and because of this the customers love the products especially the shoes.

Pro Media Mag : So what do you think, how much success you have achieved so far in promoting the positivity through your clothing ?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : My success is gradually growing daily and will definitely get better. People love my story of being incarcerated and coming out to do something positive, it gives people hope who have a similar story. My main agenda is the youth because they are the future if I can help them see their worth and keep them on a positive path the sky is the limit.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : The goals I have set is to achieve International success,and spread positivity not only in Canada,but around the globe. My greatest achievement would be to become successful enough that I’m able to help others in starting their own business and becoming successful as well, especially individuals that had similar experiences that I’ve had.

Pro Media Mag : From where one can buy your clothing?
Tristan Jamal Adisa : My website is and my IG is also 5iveFace.

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