Top Smelling Cologne for Men

Top Smelling Cologne for Men

Men love to use Cologne. A good cologne offers numerous benefits, from making you more attractive, to helping you feel less stressed and more confident. Question is what’s the good Cologne. Or rather I would say what’s the top smelling Cologne for men? There are a number of elements to take into consideration for labeling a Cologne, a top smelling Cologne.



Your personality is the main factor for choosing a cologne for yourself. Different men have different type of personalities so the cologne choice will be different for them as well. You can’t guarantee that a cologne that would be top smelling for one guy can suit the personality of the other one. But all the Best Men’s Cologne keep this factor in consideration and produce cologne that’s suitable for most of the men.

Nature of Work

That’s another major factor. A person who works hard with too much sweating need a cologne with strong smell. While a person with lighter nature of work can go with soft fragrance. Climate and weather conditions on the working spot is also a factor to keep in mind.

Event or Activity

Another factor to consider. You need to choose a cologne based on nature of your activity or the event you are going to attend. If it’s outdoor or you are going on a road trip or beach it must be a strong cologne that should last longer. And in case you are going on a short visit to a dinner or a party then you can go for lighter tone of the cologne.

Your Partner

For so many men (or I would say for all the men) that’s most important factor. You need to keep a note of the liking of your partner as well. If she don’t like a particular kind of smell then for you it shouldn’t be a top smelling cologne, even if it will be your favorite one. After all she is the one you would be looking to impress above others.


And the last and the most important factor is the brand factor. Each brand has it’s own smell that’s quite different from the others.  Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Guy Laroche, Versace, Montane, Paco Rabbane, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss are the Top Mens Cologne producers. All these and many other brands have good colognes in their product range But at the end it’s up to you what you like, where you would be wearing it and what kind of cologne smell fits your personality.





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