Top 5 Affordable Women’s Fashion Stores

Top 5 Affordable Women’s Fashion Stores

As much as we’d all love to be able to walk down Rodeo Drive and shop at the Louis Vuittons and Saint Laurents, the best most of us could do is probably buy a pair of their socks… at half off… on credit. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re stuck with dust magnet shirts and jeans that feel like paper.

There are plenty of great fashion brands that focus on providing as much value as they can at their affordable price points and they’re definitely worth checking out. Frugal Fabulous Finds’ article titled huntforfreebies explains exactly why they’re worth your time. So, without further ado, here are five of the best.


Regarded in the male fashion community as the Holy Grail of affordable garments, Uniqlo also has a great range of high-quality products for women. This Japanese company focuses on making functional pieces that still align with modern trends. From cozy sweaters to chic skirts, Uniqlo has it all.

They often collaborate with other brands as well, creating some great pieces along the way. Noteworthy collabs include Disney, Star Wars, J.W Anderson and Carine Roitfeld.


This brand has gained popularity for providing great plus-sized clothing that looks and feels fashion forward as opposed to being sloppy and disproportionate. Customers love Torrid for their underwear, activewear, and swimwear that allows them to embrace their body type. Pieces are clean and well-designed, making it clear that their manufacturers have put every ounce of effort into ensuring that they fit as good as they look.


No list would be complete without the fashion giant that is ASOS. They’re huge, providing customers around the globe with a wide range of garments. You’ll probably take months to browse through the vast list of clothing that they offer. The great part about shopping on their website is not only that they often run specials, but free international shipping comes as standard and super-fast two-day shipping is only around $25 more.

From trendy and edgy to mature and timeless, ASOS seems to specialize in creating and imitating each and every trend, while still maintaining a respectable standard of quality.


Irrespective of their original, premium designs and increasing popularity, Forever21 has stayed loyal to its customers over the years and continues to provide great value with each garment they produce. With a variety of styles and aesthetics to choose from, this fast-fashion conglomerate has something for everyone.

The only gripe here is that they don’t have the greatest return policy and some items tend to run a bit small. That said, it’s definitely one to check out if you somehow still haven’t visited one of their stores already.


Hennes & Mauritz has garnered a great reputation worldwide for providing a wide range of trendy and timeless clothing for their customers. The quality varies per piece but there is generally a respectable standard that is upheld throughout their line. Whether it be an on-trend tee, a timeless pair of denim jeans or their plethora of accessories, H&M has you covered.

There are other bargain retailers out there, so keep looking for deals and offers.






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