TightWipes Saved My Day !

TightWipes Saved My Day !

Incident was so interesting that I couldn’t restrained myself from sharing it here. Last week I was invited on an executive party in Pearl continental . Executive staff from renowned Fashion Brands and some top models were invited on the party. So my excitement was its on peak. It was going to be my first of that kinds of parties that I was going to attend.

I bought a special party dress and handbag two days before party. Tried every footwear in my closet (I got plenty ) but couldn’t find a single matching one with it. Already spent a heavy amount on dress and handbag so wasn’t willing to spend more.

my gucci heels
My Gucci Heels

Luckily my best friend Zak came to my home . He Can’t see me sad so he took me to mall and bought me a very very expensive Gucci heels. Waoo that increased my excitement even more. Tried the Gucci shoes at home with my party suit it looked fabulous. I thanked Zak and even invited him to join me for party as I was allowed to accompany one in the party.

Here comes the party day. Wore my Red dress, took my handbag, and Gucci heels . Everybody was praising me , I was looking fabulous. It was a rainy day so reached the PC hotel gate with Zak in the cab. And at the time we got out, another cab crossed us in high speed and there was muddy water there due to heavy rain . Splashes were on our dress, on my Gucci heels and Zak’s snickers, Oh I was literally weeping. My party was going to be ruined. I waited for that so much and here what happened.

Tina , one of my colleagues just arrived there once she saw the situation she looked into her bag and took out a wipe and asked me to clean my shoes and dress with it. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I had no option so I started cleaning it and waoo it did cleaned it in no time. It did worked ! Zak also cleaned his snickers with the wipe Tina gave and in less than 5 min we were once again perfectly ready for the party. Tina hugged me and gave me wipes pack as a gift to keep it in bag if anything like that to happen again. It was tight wipes , from that day I have recommended it to everyone I met. TightWipes saved my day. I would even recommend them to you . You must keep them they are excellent.

TightWipesAnd so I enjoyed the party and everyone was praising and appreciating me for my look that was all credited to TightWipes 🙂 .

Forgot to mention whenever I need, I buy TightWipes from Amzaon , you can also buy from amazon too.

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