The multi-talented and brilliant Ellinor Taflin

The multi-talented and brilliant Ellinor Taflin

What’s new with Ellinor Taflin? You know, the Swedish actress who moved to Los Angeles not too long ago. We heard that she was in the process of producing a short film called Bloggers. It’s a great premise: a bunch of highly successful millennial bloggers decide to come together to see if they could be even better as a team. We haven’t seen that before in a movie and besides co-producing that interesting piece Ellinor is also going to be one of the leads in it. How cool to be a producer – you can hire yourself to be an actor. Isn’t that what Brad Pitt and Jodie Foster do?

Ellinor Taflin

Ellinor wouldn’t mind working with them on a project and she wouldn’t mind working with Leonardo Di Caprio either, for that matter. Of course, everyone would like to work with the best of the best and we are no different than Ellinor. However, I’ve seen her actor’s reel and perhaps they should too. Even though she’s had leading roles in famous plays and been in tons of theatricals and films, her reel is what showcases her genuine talents.

She has presence and it’s obvious when you first see her on the screen. In fact, she (unintentionally) steals every scene she is in, especially if it’s a comedy role. Her pratfalls are so professional and flawless that you wonder how she does them without getting hurt. We think it is simply practice and rehearsal – that’s how the experts become experts – by practicing things over and over. Ellinor’s timing should be praised here, too. Comic timing is probably one of the most difficult things to master as an actor and she, once again, is flawless. She just says her funny lines without breaking character and without noticing that she is indeed the funniest person in the room.

Ellinor can do other things besides make people laugh, of course. She played a wonderful Juliet in Romeo and Juliet along with other leads in other famous stage plays. Ellinor can do anything from serious drama to laugh out loud comedy without missing a beat. Truly a talented young woman and we hope that she continues to live in L.A. because we don’t ever want her to go back to her snow covered home in Sweden.

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