Since Charles Ancelle has been an independent producer on a great many productions we were wondering just how does one become a producer. Or for that matter, how does one get into the movie industry at all? Apparently, the answer was pretty obvious and we didn’t need to go too far to find out what it was. Charles told us that since he loved movies and was passionate about anything artistic since he was a child, he pretty much knew that he would be doing something very creative when he got older.

His first short film was selected to be in the Cannes Film Festival. Not many people can say that. Being so successful on his first venture into filmmaking obviously was a compliment and it also must have told him that he was indeed a filmmaker.. He’s produced innumerable projects since then: feature-length movies, short films, web series, music videos and commercials.


Another film Charles produced, which he also wrote and directed, was invited to Cannes. How can this happen, one might ask? Well, Charles’ parents and other relatives are definitely not on the Cannes Film festival selection committee, so you can rule nepotism out. What else could it be? Persistence, determination and talent in producing the best possible movie he could? Well, we think it is the latter description, by all means. Charles is an affable guy, but he’s also a person who is talented and very persistent and determined. He also knows how his films should look at the end of the day and how he wants the audience to feel about them.

John Bondage, by the way, was a great film. It has everything going for it, action, suspense, sex and more action layered with enough humor to keep you pinned to the screen to see what’s going to happen next. Another film that will keep you glued to your seat is The Pinhole Affect. It was produced and directed by Charles and the quality of the production is amazing. The acting is superb, the camera work is stunning and the script, by Jonathan Rosenthal was right on the money.

As we’ve seen, Charles has written and directed a great deal of projects but producing keeps him in demand and very busy because he simply does such a great job. Plus, he loves to produce. If you asked him how to become a producer, he might tell you that you don’t have to go to the Sorbonne in Paris, or to the New York Film Academy in order to become a producer. He probably would tell you, however, that being passionate about movies and just jumping in and learning all the aspects of the film business, no matter how you have to do it, would be a good idea. And also to jump in and do it.

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