When I first saw Michael Edward Williams’ photograph I realized that I had definitely seen his very likeable face before. Then I looked at his resumé and started picking out the movies I had seen him in. I loved him in Foresight Killer Instinct, the one he played Detective Lance Steele. His presence was not only memorable but compelling. Even though Michael does have a thoughtful face he can portray tough guys and hard boiled detectives as well as kind and pensive characters such as the older brother in the highly praised short Thank You. I also remember Michael in the Australian feature Ned Kelly, about the infamous Aussie outlaw of the nineteenth century.

Michael Williams

Michael has done over thirty films since he “fell” into acting a few years ago. He was a carpenter by trade and someone asked him to be in a short film because he looked the part and the rest is history from then on, so to speak. The acting bug bit and bit hard and he threw himself into training with some of the best in the world. Since then he has established himself as an actor to reckon with and his successful career has made him one of the busiest guys in the business.

Michael has also been in plays and one of his favorite roles in his career was Biff in the legendary classic Death Of A Salesman. It was a sold out show with over 1,000 people in the audience and Michael says that “Nothing can beat live theatre when you nail it, and we did that night.” He liked that character because Biff was so complex and complicated.

Early in his acting career Michael read an acting book written by Michael Caine. The book was called, “Acting In Film,” it is still Michael’s favorite book. He tells us that he learned more from that book than any other and it inspired him to be a better actor. It also inspired him to work with the great Michael Caine, which he hopes will happen someday.

Michael is super busy these days – he has three feature films coming up and a TV show. He’s also branched out into writing and directing. He plans on working in the US and is currently in pre-production on a feature titled The Sacrifice, which he plans to direct in 2017.

To catch more of this brilliant actor, you can also watch his films which are available on DVD or VOD in the US.

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