The Best Way to Pack Clothes for Shipping Internationally

The Best Way to Pack Clothes for Shipping Internationally

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Shipping internationally is not that simple, even when it comes to sending ordinary and non-fragile goods. Including clothes.

Indeed, clothes aren’t breakables, but they’re still delicate, just in a different way. That’s why it’s important to learn the best way to pack them for international package shipping.

Let’s get started.

Choose a suitable shipping container

Selecting a suitable shipping container is essential when shipping internationally. And the most common choices are boxes or poly mailers. Both can be an option for sending clothes overseas, too.

Since garments aren’t fragile like glassware, they don’t need as much padding for protection. So which type of container to choose mostly depends on the amount of clothing you’re shipping. If you’re packing one or two pieces of clothing, a poly mailer is enough to fit them. But if you have more clothes to send, it’s better to put them in a box.

Just be sure to pick a box of optimal size. Shipping packages of larger dimensions costs more. To avoid overpaying, you can always type in the measurements of your parcel in a shipping rates calculator and check the estimated price.

Fold your clothes and wrap them

Start by properly folding your clothes to avoid wrinkles. Try to make them as flat as possible and be mindful of the folding shape. It should easily fit in a poly mailer or a box of your choice.

Although clothes aren’t fragile, they can be stained. That’s why it’s crucial to wrap each piece of clothing separately before putting them in a shipping container. Especially if you’re using services for package shipping to Ukraine, Poland, or any other country on a different continent.

To ensure a safe package delivery, it’s best to put your clothes in a plastic bag. But something like bubble wrap is also a good choice.

Take care of the accessories separately

When shipping internationally, you need to minimize damage risk as much as possible. To do that, be sure to take care of any loose parts. These include detachable accessories, such as belts, together with zips, buttons, and other adornments.

If you can, remove the accessories and wrap them separately. If they’re not detachable, secure them with bubble wrap or other protective material. It’ll safeguard them and clothing from scratches.

Reduce empty space

Void is your biggest enemy when sending packages overseas. It’s the first step toward the risk of damaging goods, no matter what kind of type your items are. So don’t take any chances and make sure your clothes don’t tumble around during transit.

If you’re shipping clothing with a poly mailer, get a padded one. And if you’re using a box, fill any remaining space with cushioning. Bubble wrap is the best option here, but other alternatives, for instance, crumpled paper, are great, too.

Pay attention to how you seal the shipping container as well. The lid should be closed tightly. Otherwise, it could open up and your clothes may fall out during transportation.

If you follow all the steps thoroughly, packing clothes for shipping internationally will be a breeze. And your items will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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