Modeling is very hard work no matter how much the model likes her job. Shannon Dalonzo would know, she loves her job (modeling) and she works very hard at it. It’s not as easy as it looks she told us. You can’t just walk onto a set and stand there. You have to bring personality, sometimes several personalities, she said. She told us that the photographer is looking for something special because the people he is working for are looking for something special to be the face of their product or whatever it is they want a model to represent.
This made a lot of sense to us so we asked Shannon to tell us more about her very unique job. She said that although most models never receive any training for their professional careers, they have to be open to taking direction from the person who is in charge of getting the completed images – the photographer. Usually that person is a man and the model has to fully trust him to give her the right keywords so she can express the appropriate emotion for the camera. She has to put herself in his hands for the entire shot. Once a bond of trust is established, she said, then the work goes pretty smoothly and quite rapidly.

Shannon has been a model since she was a teenager so she has worked with quite a large number of photographers and fashion designers. She has seen a lot of different styles and ways of getting the right look from the model. She thinks of working with photographers in the same way as actors look at movie directors. Each actor is treated uniquely by the director so the director can get the best performance out of that actor and that’s very similar to being photographed by a professional photographer. That’s how she feels when she works with top photographers like Shamayim and Ella Sophie.

When you reach the top of your profession like Shannon has, you can’t wait to get to work and do your job. Even though Shannon is in high demand as a model, she never takes anything for granted in the world of fashion and photography. She always comes ready to work on time and she brings the right attitude with her. When she goes home at the end of the day she is very satisfied with what she has accomplished and she knows she has given the best she had to give. Maybe that’s why photographers love to work with her. Or is it her very professional personality?
Who knows? We’re just happy that Shannon is going to be in another magazine this month.

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