Talented and inspiring music artist & songwriter 3mind Blight

Talented and inspiring music artist & songwriter 3mind Blight

Music is music no matter how you wanna use it and as long as you make it somebody out there is gonna choose it to make them feel okay throughout the day so they don’t lose it.”

These are the worlds of a very talented and inspiring artist 3mind Blight. From his own words we quoted above, you can imagine how much importance he gives to the music. He always produces music based on emotions and feelings. That’s what make him an established music artist and producer.

Even though 3mind Blight has joined this music industry officially just a couple of years back. But his sheer handwork and dedication has impressed the music critics and won the hearts of music fans.

Normally an artist has command over only one or two genres but he has proved himself to be multi talented a number of times. He has been creating music and writing lyrics in Metal, Orchestral Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock. And you can’t point out a single genre to be his favorite zone. He is equally expert in all these genres.

Due to his talent, dedication, and music skills, he has achieved a number of awards and nominations within a short span of time. He got numerous #1 hit songs on radio and over 15 millions streams worldwide. Listed as the Cross Over artist of the year and artist of the year 2019 and 2020. 10 / 10.

And time has just started for him. Who knows what kind of achievements you are gonna expect from this amazing artist in years to come. If you haven’t got the opportunity of listening to his music, you can subscribe to his music channel on Youtube and check out his work.

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