Successful and Innovative Men’s Fashion Week Dallas

Successful and Innovative Men’s Fashion Week Dallas

men's fashion week dallasMen’s Fashion Week Dallas owner, Mahiri Takai’s remarkable eye and talent was reflected in every aspect of the event, which took place on October 5-7 in several locations throughout downtown Dallas.

Men’s Fashion Week Dallas began with a relaxing sunrise yoga session in the morning followed by a combat training class at the Sweatshop. Later that day, a denim party was held at Fat Rabbit where models, designers, guests, and influencers rocked their best denim. The set up at Fat Rabbit was remarkable! The upstairs area consisted of a great DJ, low lights, and lounge areas for the guests to enjoy themselves while networking. Plus, there was an outstanding panelist including Josh Corona, Leon the Professional, Texas Fadez Barber Shop, and Ejay Tattoo who all gave great advice on what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up. What a perfect way to kick-off Men’s Fashion Week Dallas!

What made Men’s Fashion Week Dallas so innovative?

First of all, the designers who showcased are a force to be reckoned with. Each presented their unique creations on the staircase runway. Leon the Professional’s MIEL Y NOIR street wear consisted of famous NBA jerseys, which displayed.

Leon the Professional’s MIEL Y NOIR street wear consisted of famous NBA jerseys, which displayed famous paintings within the letters and numbers. My personal favorite was the Michael Jordan Bulls jersey mixed with Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” masterpiece. Ronald K Jones (RKJ) produced breath-taking Japanese inspired street wear designs including beautiful, earthy hues and a brilliant variety of patterns.

On Saturday, hosted by ABC’s the Bachelorette’s Jack Stone, designers included Oonarissa Bernard, Molly Sydnor, Eaden Myles, Jamel Hawk, Brianna Shae, Joshwae, and Enrique de Altamirano. The designs on the runway that night ranged from funky suits to elegant gowns, which made the show far from boring and repetitive!

The guests who attended fashion week possessed innovative ideas of their own. The team of guys who created the first men’s lifestyle app, Fade Now, shared the app’s features.

While the majority of other fashion weeks across the globe solely focus on the upcoming trends, Mahiri turned the spotlight back towards the local businesses, charities, and ultimately God.

While those present at the event worked laboriously, there were numerous people behind the scene.


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