Still using dry toilet paper ? You need to upgrade !

Still using dry toilet paper ? You need to upgrade !

When our hands get dirty we use handwash or soap. And for the hair (even if they are not dirty enough) we use shampoo. And for the body we use bath soap or body wash. I am talking about our normal routine. We do it even if we are not too much dirty. We use water or products with moisture to wash them. But what happens to us when we use toilet? We don’t even wash or use any moisturizing thing. We use dry paper…

That’s completely odd, the more dirty we get more attention we need to give but instead of that we are just relying on dry toilet paper. Out buttock skin is one of the most sensitive area in our body. And after using toilet we need to get it clean properly to avoid any hygienic problems.

No matter what’s the quality of the paper you are using its still a paper and its not going to clean the area properly. So what to do ? use water? although its a good option but not possible to do every time we use toilet. Particularly in the winter when we avoid getting wet. we need an alternative that completely cleans dirt, leaving our bottom skin soft, clean and healthy. Here comes the moisturizing SATU Laboratory gel wipe  to the rescue.It won’t get you wet but clean you the way it should be.

You must be thinking why I am recommending this gel. There are a number of reasons.

Its a perfect solution to improve your personal hygiene. Its the more convenient way to wipe and clean the butt area. Best thing about this get wipe is, it can be used even with your regular toilet paper. Just apply on it and wipe your skin after using toilet. And its 100% Flushable.

It cleans & moisturizes dry skin, prevents irritation. No side effects or nothing like that at all. And if you will use it permanently it will keep you so clean that your underwear will remain clean as well.

And lastly its perfect for all ages. Even for children under the age of three. Even better then the wet wipes you buy from the market. You can give it a try and you will see the difference. Children skin is even more sensitive so this gel wipe has been formulated to keep their skin neat clean and smooth too.

And there are many more reasons but I think the ones I mentioned above are enough to convince you to try t SATU Laboratory gel wipe.

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