Staying Fit and Well This Winter: A How-To

The colder months take their toll on your health and motivation levels, but it’s essential not to let winter drag you down. Here are the best tips for looking after your health and wellness when the bitter weather hits.

Have a Winter Health Top Up 

The requirements for your winter health are different than any other time of the year, as you’re more at risk during the colder months.

  • Prepare for Cold and Flu Season 

The most common adversary you have to face during winter is the cold and flu virus, which can see you out of action for a week or more. It’s best to prepare your body in advance to better fend off any illness, such as an immune system boost with

  • Have a Health Check Up 

This is more relevant if you are older or of an elderly age. The harsh winter temperatures and conditions can cause problems for your body, especially with aching joints and the like, so a health check up might be a good idea if you’re feeling unsure of how best to deal with it.

Light it Up 

There’s no doubt about it, winter is dark and gloomy, and this can play havoc with your mental health after a certain period of time. Getting up early in the morning to see a black sky and still feeling as though it’s the middle of the night can have you feeling sluggish and less than positive. For the sake of your mental health, it’s a good idea to counter the dark with the light.

  • Buy Candles

Winter is the perfect excuse for candles, and scented candles especially can help you to feel more relaxed and cozy during the dark, cold weather.

  • Use Mood Lighting 

Prepare your home with well-positioned lamps or even feature lighting such as fairy lights in order to ensure that your home is filled with enough light and to keep your mood up.

Alter Your Fitness Routine

The same workout routine you’ve had during the summer might not work efficiently in winter.

  • Change Your Schedule 

Perhaps you usually go on an early morning or late evening jog. With the daylight hours falling rapidly in winter, it may not be as safe to go for a run after darkness has fallen, or maybe it’s just not ideal. Consider changing your schedule to workout during the lighter hours instead – or, ensure that you’re kitted out with high-vis gear if needed.

  • Change Where You Exercise

If the winter weather simply doesn’t accommodate your usual workout – perhaps snowfall means you can’t safely drive to the gym, or it makes jogging difficult – then you need to find a workout you can do indoors, or somewhere else nearby, to ensure that you’re still getting enough exercise which is unaffected by the weather.

In Summary 

Staying fit and well in winter is mainly about proper planning and implementing changes to your routine to suit the weather. You need to prepare in advance to ensure that you’re feeling healthy and that you can still have a focused workout routine, whatever the weather. Top up on vitamins and nutrients, and stay warm.

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