Star of the film ‘Inversion’, actress Gaia Passaler

Star of the film ‘Inversion’, actress Gaia Passaler

Gaia Passaler

Gaia Passaler was ten years old when she met her first love. Born in Milan, Italy, the daughter of a dentist, Passaler had initially signed up for choir at school that year but the class was cancelled. Theatre class was the other option.  Passaler took the stage and has never looked back.

Standing front and center in front of her family, classmates and teachers produced enough endorphins to convince her that acting was something she wanted to do – scratch that.  Must do, destined to do … again and again and again. “I immediately fell in love with that incredible adrenaline feeling of being on stage,” Passaler shared.

So much so that this accomplished actress with now over 14 films and numerous plays under her belt, not to mention years of specialized training in New York and LA, found a way to act years ago even if there were no school productions on the horizon.

“From the earliest time of my childhood I would spend a great deal of my free time watching my favorite movies over and over again,” she said and then memorize scenes and perform them on her own or with her best friend.  “During my first year of high school,” said the actress, “I got all my friends involved into putting up a play taken from The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde.”

Although she went to college in Milan and became an orthodontist, she eventually realized that her career, prestigious as it was, left her yearning. Yearning for the discipline she knew, even at 10-years-old, should be her future. Off she flew to New York to train at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for two years, then on to LA to put what she’d studied into practice.

Currently, the sultry stunner shimmers in her role of “Natalia,” in Inversion, part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2017. She is surrounded by a fantastic cast of characters, each showcasing a familiar dating stereotype, including nerds, players, and the ever-popular, hot girl … Passaler herself.

She also landed the part of nurse “Angelique Passad,” in the TV miniseries, Bomber Command. In addition, Passaler has been cast in the first two films of the psychological thriller trilogy, The Mystery of Casa Matusita. The cast includes long-time thespian and Golden Globe nominee, Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange).

Passaler is now not only at peace but thrilled with her life. “Telling a story and bringing it to life,” says Passaler, “Is to me one of the most courageous and beautiful things that human beings can do.”

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