Skincare in Your Forties

Skincare in Your Forties

If you value healthy and radiant skin appearance and would like to look youthful for as long as possible, an adequate skincare routine is essential regardless of your age. You should start worrying about the quality of your lifestyle and introduce a regular beauty regimen even in your 20s. When it comes to skin appearance, the past has a way to haunt us later in life. But, every decade is different and skincare has to be duly adjusted. Let’s take a look at what your best options are when you hit the 40s.

Live a healthy life

Plenty of water, a balanced diet filled with omega fatty acids as well as regular physical activity are a must. These three factors don’t depend on your age, because they are essential throughout life. You probably heard that beauty comes from within but apart from your great personality, this also includes vitamins and minerals that you consume. There are also many anti-aging benefits to exercising.


Use the right products

Skincare in different periods of life has to change because the skin changes as well. You can’t expect the products that worked for you ten years ago to have the same effect now. The skin in your 40s needs a lot of moisture and regeneration. In that respect, opt for creams and products that suit your skin type, but that are also rich in ingredients that slow down the aging process.


Establish a routine

If you use a certain product only on occasion, it won’t have the same effect as it would if you used it regularly. Because of that, it’s essential that you treat the skincare in your 40s as a well-developed habit. Therefore, make sure to clean and treat your skin properly every day, in the mornings and evenings. Additional steps such as masks and exfoliation are also a part of the said routine. Simply, listen to your own needs and you’ll get a good grasp of when to use these.

Yes, you still need exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin is not only reserved for younger people or oily skin types. Regardless of your age, dead skin cells and dirt can accumulate on your skin, clog pores, dry it out and make it look dull. This is far from something you’d want in your 40s. Then again, you definitely don’t need a harsh scrub. Make sure to create your own natural scrub or go for something gentle on the market, and remove dead skin cells at least once or twice a week.


Talk to your doctor

When you hit the 40s, you really need to improve your skincare, so don’t be reluctant to ask for a doctor’s advice. Not only will the professional tell you what products, makeup, etc. will work the best for your skin, but they will also recommend you the best possible treatments. For example, having a face lift procedure performed on you is nothing too drastic these days, but it can definitely postpone the aging process.

Modern day technology used in creation of skincare products and facial procedures is there for the taking. With your healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason whatsoever to accept wrinkles and saggy skin as early as in your forties.

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