Singer Elle Madison Gets Serious

Singer Elle Madison Gets Serious

We caught up with the bright spirited, New York born singer Elle Madison this past weekend. It’s been three years since her last music. Five years since her split from her Long Island based underground Hip-Hop group. It’s apparent, Elle is back in the music game. Really she never left.

What have you been doing the past few years?
“I relocated, I’m now living in Indianapolis. I’m working on becoming the best version of myself. I got sober. I have an amazing therapist. I’ve rid myself of demons that constantly plagued me. I’m making new music. I’m living day by day and growing up.”

What can you tell us about your new music?
“I’ve recorded about 8 songs since my last album Heart Snatcher. My new music has got a Trip-Pop like feel. [I] found an awesome DJ to mix up my tracks. I’m extremely excited though I’m staying grounded and living day by day.”

Did you get signed?
“I did work out a distribution deal with a digital distributor. It will be my first time working with them. They’re going to be fundamental in presenting my next album to my fan base and reaching a new wider audience.”

Do you have a favorite song on your next album?
“I do. Metaphorically speaking it’s about an ocean. I’ve spent a lot of time really getting to know who I am [and] what I have to offer. I’ve carried through some incredible heart ache that I would never wish upon my worst enemy. Wait! I like to think I don’t have an enemies. I’m sure there are a couple people who feel differently about me. As humans we experience similar situations just have different storylines. For me forgiveness is elemental. The song is about that. Thats a theme right now for me and acceptance.”

Speaking of enemies what happened with your Hip-Hop group?
“We went our separate ways. It is what it is. That’s not me anymore. That time in my life I really wasn’t reaching my full potential as a musician. But enemies, no like I said I have none. Maybe that will be the name of my next album.”

When can we expect to hear your new music?
“I’ll be releasing new music this year. I expect my next album to be available early 2020.”

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