Should You Use Organic CBD for Dogs?

Should You Use Organic CBD for Dogs?

CBD is a great new way to help calm your dog’s nerves or help them with several physical ailments. But what kind is the best kind to use and how do you know it will not hurt your pup? Well CBD without THC is the best to get for your dog and will not harm them. However, if you want to make sure there are no toxins or bad chemicals entering your dog’s body, buy organic.

Holistic remedies have become increasingly popular with humans, and their canine companions. It is important to note that going organic with CBD is usually in your dog’s best interest, as they are purer and have little to no nasty chemicals in them. This is great for your pup and you, so you do not have to worry about what you are giving them. Some great places to buy holistic, organic CBD includes

Organic VS Non-Organic

What is the difference? Well, a lot of the non-organic oils contain various chemicals in addition to a small amount of THC and CBD, so your dog will not get much benefit from it and it will do more harm than good. Instead, buying organic will usually not have these chemicals and contain little to no THC in them, with a decent amount of actual CBD instead. This is great for your pup, so you do not have to question what is being put into their body.

Also, most places online mention what is in their products exactly. So, they should have a break down of what is in the oil for your dog and what is not in it. This will give you a better idea of what you are giving them and can help you make a better decision on what to buy. If the website does not mention what is in their CBD medicines exactly, you can request the information from them.

However, keep in mind, if they do not disclose this information you may want to look elsewhere, but most places are transparent with these details already. They usually will list somewhere on their website what they use to make their oils and what is in them as well.


How Does the CBD Help?

CBD for dogs reacts in a similar way that it does in human adults, through their endocannabinoid system. What does that mean? Well, the endocannabinoid receptors react the same way as they do in adults, when you administer the CBD oil, the receptors end up responding to it and help your dog with their psychological and physical ailments.

Normally this system regulars these bodily processes, but CBD oil helps ramp up the body’s response to them. So, in effect, the cannabinoid oil binds to the receptors and helps stimulate its natural responses. This makes it a great cure for various issues you or your pup may have. This includes helping with anxiety, nausea, pain, inflammation, and other physical and mental health issues.

Doggie Dosage

When you go organic, you get the full CBD effect in the oil or treats you decide to use for your dog. So instead of only getting a little of it in their system and not feeling any positive side effects, your pup will get the full benefit from using these products. This is great for dogs of all ages and weights.

Dosing may vary between weights, but make sure you use the proper amount for your dogs. You can find more dosing information here. It usually goes by mg per pound, so for every pound, you want 0.2mg of CBD. So, if your dog is 25 lbs. you will give them 5 mg of oil. However, the formulas for every oil is different, some have 75 mg per ml vs 300 mg per ml. So, follow that guide on proper dosage for your dogs.


All dogs respond to CBD differently, just as all humans do as well as other mammals. However, ask your veterinarian first for advice before starting your dog on CBD oil or treats. Usually, the rule of thumb is to use oil for dogs and cats and pellets for horses, but it can vary as well on what you prefer to use and what the vet recommends.

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