Shop with Your Favorite Style Influencers on

Shop with Your Favorite Style Influencers on

Shop with Your Favorite Style Influencers on

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Have you ever seen the perfect item in a style video, one you would’ve purchased right then and there—only to be let down by a broken link or a “sold out” notification on the product page? Maybe it was a little black slip dress a fashion influencer wore to a red carpet event. Or maybe it was a stunning red lipstick your favorite beauty vlogger absolutely raved about.

If you’re a lover of fashion and beauty content, you may have been let down in the past—but the days of searching every corner of the Internet for those mystery products is about to change., the first seamless social shopping experience, allows users to shop product recommendations directly from the fashion and beauty content creators they love.

Gone are the days of Google image searching those suede fringe boots you saw in a style video but could never find—now you can put the advice of your most trusted fashion and beauty advisors to work immediately. Hauls, unlike any other platform, allows users to watch content from their favorite creators while shopping the products from the videos—all in one place. It’s like having the style influencers you love curate an amazing shopping list just for you.

But what if you don’t have a swsax quad of trusted style advisors on whom you can rely? With so much fashion and beauty content available on the many social platforms out there, it can be daunting to find vloggers who make genuine recommendations. Well, Hauls eliminates that problem. Their shopping experience is designed to give creators the freedom to share the products they love without constraints like brand requirements. The result is an entire network of authentically created content—and style advice you know you can trust.
Don’t miss the launch of the most stylish platform around. Along with, the Hauls mobile and TV apps are coming soon to the App Store. Look out for the launch and be the first to discover the latest updates and exciting user perks, like giveaways and contests, by subscribing to the email list at


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