Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

It is common knowledge that women can never have enough shoes and this has never been so true. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to own every style that has ever been made but there are some styles that you should have in your wardrobe.

Fashions disappear as quickly as they appear but there are some shoes that simply stand the test of time. The following shoes should be in your wardrobe regardless of the current fashions and trends because you can always rely on them.


Black Pump

This shoe will help you deal with a number of problems because it will go with dresses, jeans, trouser and everything in between. Dress them up or dress them down, this shoe is simple but is always there for you.

High Heel Sandal

This shoe is as versatile as they come. Whether you need something to go with a cocktail dress or a casual outfit you can count on them. Their style remains in fashion and always will and that is why they have grown in popularity recently.

The ankle boot

This is a bit of an “always there” shoe. The shoe you can turn to you when need a bit of inspiration. It works just as well with a pair of jeans as it does with a maxi dress making it the perfect solution to any outfit conundrum.

Ballet Flat

This shoe ticks every single box. It can be completely flat or it can have a small heel but either way this is an elegant shoe that is stylish and classy. They work with any outfit but the defining attribute is its comfort.

Knee high boot

The knee high boot will work with any outfit. Great for those cold winter days they ooze style. These have a little extra to them that makes them different to other styles because they can give a woman confidence and a sexy feeling.

Leather Sandal

For much of the year this may stay hidden in your wardrobe but do not underestimate its potential during the summer months. Holidays, BBQ’s and days at the beach, the leather sandal is there for you.


The sneaker is about as reliable as they come. They work with a number of outfits but they are perfect for the days where you do not want to wear other shoes and would rather opt to throw these on because they are easy and comfortable.

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