Shawn Valentino talks about his latest movie ‘The Rise of Showstopper’

Shawn Valentino talks about his latest movie ‘The Rise of Showstopper’

We are sharing interview with Shawn Valentino, a multimedia personality. His recent movie The Bachelor Party: Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle – The Rise of Showstopper has just been released on Amazon Prime.

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career.
Shawn Valentino : Where do I begin, like David Copperfield? I was born. I grew up. I guess the adventure began when I wnet to law school, but I decided it would be more fun to be an outlaw. I wanted to live the life of an international playboy. The producer for the Tyra Banks Show discovered me and I was interviewed on her show. This led me to be regularly featured in talk shows and reality shows like Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer and Fear Factor. But nothing compared to producing your own content because you don’t want to be stuck in someone else’s vision. I encourage everyone out there to be unafraid to showcase their creative side and take chances today become “someday” really means never.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into entertainment industry?
Shawn Valentino : I was inspired as a teenager when I read the Playboy Philosophy by my hero Hugh Hefner. I decided to live my life according to the philosophy of minimizing worries and maximizing life experiences. Little did I know that the Playboy Mansion would become like my second home as I was a regular guest at Hef’s parties. While most people had dreams of getting married and having kids, I wanted to live a lifestyle of fun, freedom and fantasy. I’ve traveled to over 80 countries and live the dream. Now when you Google “The Next Hugh Hefner” my photos are the first to pop up which is pretty cool.

Pro Media Mag : You are recently starring in a series of movies that are parodies of classic films and shows. Our readers would like to know more about that ?
Shawn Valentino :  One of the top young directors in Hollywood, Tremain Hayhoe, discovered me in a hit Vice Documentary “The Showstopper: The Next Hugh Hefner.” The original idea was to do a parody of The Bachelor and we did a silly online reality show called “The Showstopper: The Playboy Next Door.” But our dream was making movies so after he had a hit film Rideshare on Amazon Prime, we decided to make an over the top parody of The Bachelor and also spoof movies we love like Mission: Impossible. Our newest movie combines elements of Star Wars with classic Christmas movies like It’s a Wonderful Life. It is completely over the top.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received from the releases so far?
Shawn Valentino : We received a very enthusiastic response when we premiered our movies on big screens across the world. We have been experimenting across different online platforms to showcase our movie because that is the future. I get people contacting me every day saying how much they loved our films and how it allowed them to escape reality. That’s what movies are really about, making fantasies come true.

Pro Media Mag : You also wrote a best-selling book, The Showstopper Lifestyle. Tell us more about that?
Shawn Valentino : After reading the Playboy: Philosophy, I was inspired to write a philosophy for the new age based on my international adventures. It is about how to live life according to your own standards instead of what society expects. Like Hef said, “Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.” This book shows people how to have the confidence to make a living off their lifestyle.

Pro Media Mag : You have featured in so many shows. Any particular show you enjoyed the most?
Shawn Valentino : I enjoyed something different in each show. On Tyra, I was interviewed by the world’s most famous supermodel. On Dr. Phil I was on the couch with the world’s most famous doctor. On Fear Factor, I was able to attempt a death-defying stunt. On Take Me Out, George Lopez told me my lifestyle reminded me of his own. They have all been unique and exciting ways to showcase The Showstopper Lifestyle

Pro Media Mag : Have you set any goals to achieve?
Shawn Valentino : We are hoping to make a new movie every year, and allow audiences to escape into a hilarious world of fantasy and adventure. Through our movies you can see the wonders of the world and some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new projects?
Shawn Valentino :  Yes, the best part of making movies is working with my closest friends and paying tribute to some of the greatest movies ever made. I wanted to thank Tremain Hayhoe, Rich Twilling and William Pierce in collaborating with me on these projects. They are all extremely talented and bring something different to each project. Our new movie is a parody of Star Wars, Mission: Impossible and classic Christmas films, and our next movie in production will be a parody of Back to the Future and Vampire movies. It will be the experience of a lifetime. Welcome to The Lifestyle!

Check out the trailer to our new movie
The Bachelor Party: Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle – The Rise of Showstopper

The new movie is out on Amazon UK and USA

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