We believe that we have found the missing link! No, not that one…the one that has to do with being a successful and established actor while also being a fine writer, TV host and great musician. Yes, that’s the one we’re talking about and his name is Guy Adams.


Guy Adams, the young British man, is best known for his acting ability and very well known for being in the films Summer Holiday, The Post Shop Boys, House of The Setting Sun and Ruben On The Street to name just a few. He’s been in quite a bit more films than that but we only have a limited amount of space to write this article in. Guy is also in the soon to be aired TV mini series Bomber Command where he plays the character Sgt. Andy Munroe. That will be broadcast in 2017 along with a new TV series that Guy is also in called, Emergency: LA. The series will be shot in Los Angeles, of course, and Guy will be in each of the first fourteen episodes of season one. Pretty cool!

Guy is no stranger to the stage either. He has garnered great reviews for his performances in Equus in which he played the lead character Alan Strang and he also got rave notices for his role in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, among others. Guy’s artistic tendencies don’t stop at acting, however, He has written and developed a TV show shot in the Philippines and he is currently hosting and writing a Children’s show directed by award-winning director Craig Lines.

Some people call Guy a true renaissance man and we tend to agree with that sobriquet. Anyone who can act, write, host a show and sing, is a renaissance man in our book. Guy actually left acting for a time to sing his heart out in concerts for two years. He is a great tenor and has sung as a soloist and in group settings. Of course, he couldn’t stay away from acting too long so when he had an opportunity to develop and write a TV show he went back into that part of the entertainment business and has been extremely busy since then.
Whether Guy Adams is the missing link or not, we can’t tell you for sure. All we can say is that all signs point to it and we are just fine with it.

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