Reasons for acrylic coffin nail

Reasons for acrylic coffin nail

There are many reason to go for acrylic nail coffin, but one of the main reason is that our nails don’t always grow long and strong. Acrylic give our nails the length it need and stronger looking. Acrylic helps to conceal and fix broken nails. If you have the habit of biting your acrylic nails this helps prevent the habit.

Few things to consider before Acrylic coffin nails
Acrylic fake nails will feel uncomfortable at first so keep that in mind. However don’t worry as these nails will feel more normal after some time. However if they annoy you pass 2 days then check back to your salon they will fix your right up.

Maintaining these acrylic nails
These take some investment and commitment. Nails like hair grow and then you will need to refill the acrylic to keep them looking in top shape. Also fungus may get under the nails and you will have to get the fungus remove. Your nail health is important, you will need to have the acrylic remove and treat the nail and reapply. Nails getting fill may rage between the prices of $40-100 depending on where you live.

Aside from getting fungus if you don’t fill your nails you may start lifting them or they could just get rip from something going underneath and that hurt like hell. You can choose to get them remove but make sure whoever is doing it know what they doing. This can really thin your nails, use olive oil on your nails after to treat them. Olive oil will moisturize the nails and get them close to full health. Keep your nails short in the meantime. These tips will help you decide if you want to invest in acrylic coffin nails Coffin nails are popular and looks great.

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