Push up jegging

Push up jegging

Don’t you know what jeggings are? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ve already used them and haven’t even noticed. These are jeans that have the elasticity of leggings. They are tight but much more comfortable than skinny, the fabric makes your body fit without squeezing you or without limiting your movement.

Today we will give you some tricks to use them and enjoy and get the best out of them.

Always try them on

The fact that they are elastic does not mean that they are one size, they still have different sizes like any other pair of trousers. So always try them on before you buy them to make sure they fit perfectly.

Take the mirror test

As with all types of clothing, quality varies. The jeggings are usually thick enough so that the underwear doesn’t shine through. But it’s better to make sure, so get down in front of a mirror and make sure you don’t see anything.

It doesn’t matter what kind of body you have.

The jeggings are for tall, shorts, chubby, thin and skinny girls. So there’s no excuse not to use them.

He’s got all kinds of shoes.

Just like leggings and jeans you can wear them with all kinds of shoes, it will depend on the style you want to project, but absolutely all of them go with it.

You don’t have to wear long blouses forcibly.

Just because they’re tight doesn’t mean you always have to be loose at the top or you have to wear loose blouses to cover your butt because you’re scared of the Cat woman effect: wear them with the blouses you like best.

They must reach minimum ankles

You are not a fisherman nor you’re in a flooded house, so make sure your jeggings always reach at least your ankle, never higher or they will look really ugly.

Wear them as jeans and leggings

It’s like having two garments in one, so it will give you the chance to have more outfits with just a couple of jeggings.

Wear appropriate underwear

Because they’re tight, it’s easier for underwear to be marked, so wear the right one so

Choose push up ones

A very good example are  WR.UP®  Freddy’s push up jeggings: today they are really at the forefront.  What is the deal of Freddy WR.UP®? Stunning curves and a super-fit look: this is what Freddy on. They are high/medium/low waist pants and are specifically designed and patented by to enhance the shape of all women to make them feel confident with themselves. How is it possible? We can say that the final results are given by the combination of three different effects such as:

The smoothing effect

The smoothing effect of the high waist  WR.UP® Freddy perfectly shapes the waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which reinforcements have been applied in strategic positions. It is the grace and harmony of your body that you deserve…..

The lifting effect

WR.UP® is the exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines the shape, lifts the B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Finally, perfection takes shape.

The shaping effect

WR.UP® shapes and sculpts the hips, keeping the trousers high and in place with a special silicone band.

Now go ahead and find the perfect pair of jeggings that most suits you and never worry again about what to wear!

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