Profile Of Acclaimed Editor Aayush Gaur

Profile Of Acclaimed Editor Aayush Gaur

The contributions that an editor makes to a film or digital project can’t be overstated. Editors like Aayush Gaur can make or break the success of a production, whether it’s a feature-length motion picture, a short film, commercial or music video. Aayush has been working for over seven years in Hollywood and he has worked on over thirty individual projects. He also works on Indian shows remotely from Los Angeles. He has edited music videos and award winning short films such as From a Barren State, directed by Priyam Sadhukhan. The film won awards in several different film festivals for best actress, best director and best supporting actress.

He has edited music videos for music artists in India and each video has been aired on national TV and had literally hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. He is an in-demand editor for musicians and their music videos because he understands pacing and how to tell a visual story in about three minutes, which is the general length of songs and music videos. Aayush also understands how to pace a story through his editing techniques that are much longer than three minutes. Some of the short films Aayush has edited are award winners and they received high praise at the film festivals they were invited to participate in. Some of Aayush’s artistic editing can also be seen in the short films, A Ghost Love Story, Xavier, Awful Day, Facing Reality and 1-800-SOO-LATE, among many others.

Aayush has always been interested in the arts and especially animation and movies. He was a huge fan of Bollywood Hindi Cinema. After being exposed to films from around the world, particularly American, British, French and Korean movies, he earned an animation degree in India and then came to the United States and attended The Los Angeles Film School where he pursued filmmaking in general and editing and cinematography in particular. He worked on as many films as he could to learn the production process and then he started editing Indian projects remotely for Speed Records based out of India.

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