Professional photographer Daria Gladkova talks about her love to photography

Professional photographer Daria Gladkova talks about her love to photography

We are sharing our conversation with Miami based photographer- Daria Gladkova.

Daria Gladkova

Pro Media Mag: First of all, tell us about the beginning of your photography career.
Daria Gladkova: I was born in Ukraine, Kiev. While studying in college, I dreamed about photography, and I became convinced of the time I had a camera and I began to study the field of photography. I learned to shoot on a tripod. I took photos of myself. after that I started practicing on my friends. I thought it was more like a hobby. Only when I got into USA I felt that this would be the profession of my life and already here I began to work under portfolio and creating my own name.

Pro Media Mag: Who or what inspired you to get into photography?
Daria Gladkova: I think-my love to beautiful pictures.That I have always seen people in a special way and I often wanted to stop the moment and capture the memory of how I see it.In USA everything inspired me and I immediately decided that this would be my profession, because here I feel that I live!

Pro Media Mag: You worked with so many celebrities! Should you be very happy with your achievements?
Daria Gladkova: Definitely yes. Every new day I put a lot of effort to achieve my goals. It takes away sleep and all my free time but I know that photography and my goals are worth it. I believe that there is no limit to perfection and I try to make each photo- the best!

Pro Media Mag: It seems that your photo with a red sparkle turned out to be a turning point in your career?
Daria Gladkova: Yes it’s true.Photo shoot in red sparkles blew up Instagram and became a trend. I am constantly get photos of people who repeat this idea.The last time was yesterday. After this photo shoot I got a chance to work with my first star.That’s so famous Russian singer.Now she’s have over 19M subscribers in Instagram and I’m very glad that the idea of ​​a photo shoot in red sparkles gave me such success and the opportunity to work with famous people

Pro Media Mag: Which photography style you like the most?
Daria Gladkova: It’s beauty, portrait and fashion style

Pro Media Mag: What is the best in a professional photographer?
Daria Gladkova: Always see the final result in your head,never stop at difficulties,be punctual, friendly and never conflict with anyone.

Pro Media Mag: What else would you like to share with our readers?
Daria Gladkova: I would like to say that you must always believe in yourself and never stop until the goal is achieved. After that – set a new goal and go to it.

Pro Media Mag: Are you working on a new project?
Daria Gladkova: I recently held a photo exhibition not long time ago. It took time and energy.From starting next month,I will begin work under new photo project in beauty style.

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