Perfect skin, just in time for summer

Perfect skin, just in time for summer

Wouldn’t be nice to have a clear radiant skin, free from eczema, acne, spots or other skin issues when you look into the mirror? I remember when I had to drive myself crazy buying several creams and lotions to cover my pimples, my annoying dark spots.

Trying to treat my dry patches. I did not know that it was a sign from my body telling me there was an imbalance in my body. So I started to eat more clean, included lots and lots of fruits and veggies into my diet.
But as I was having an active lifestyle with a busy work and a family life. I struggled to include vitamins and minerals each and every day that my body needed.
A friend of mine made me discover that I could bring with me 30 high quality organic different fruits and veggies in a capsule every day to work.

I laughed and said what? I was a bit suspicious in the beginning but I tried them anyway.
In a couple of weeks I saw my skin getting better. My breakouts and spots were disappearing, and even my dry patches on my arms were getting better.
I felt better and more energized. My body became more alkalized,my inflammation got reduced, which gave me a smoother skin, stronger nails and hair.

These fruit-berries-veggies capsules are free from gluten, lactose, artificial aromas and colors and chemical stabilizers, And it is only made from concentrated fruits and vegetables and berries that are processed straight from the harvest.
I wanted to share my success story.True beauty comes from within.

if you have any questions you can email them to me on and here is the link to the website:
Use my ID: IT1123340 to order.
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