Palermo: The Beauty Showcase of Sicily

Palermo: The Beauty Showcase of Sicily


Capital of Sicily, crossroads of civilizations and cultural melting pot, Palermo is a concentration of all the attractions of the Sicilian region. Many are the choices of villas in Palermo, where you can reside like a local while having all the freedom in the world to mix and mingle. Your stay promises to be rich in discoveries!


A Journey into Palermo’s Illustrious Past

Very coveted, Palermo has been the object of conquest by many civilizations. Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, and Spaniards have succeeded each other and have all left indelible traces that can still be appreciated today through the city’s ruins, monuments, and other historical sites. A tourist jewel of Sicily, this capital of the region is a real open-air museum where ornate palaces rub shoulders with churches of timeless charm.

Its historic center is one of the most fascinating and richest in Italy. From the Palace of the Normans to the Church of Jesus, the Oratory of Santa Cita, and the Dome, countless ideas for visits are available to you. All these places of interest will be within reach if you choose to stay in a villa in Palermo located in the heart of the city.


A Stay by the Sea in Palermo

You can also book your villa in one of the prestigious establishments located on the coast and offering direct access to the beach, the ideal setting for a dream vacation. You will be close to the famous seaside resort of Cefalù, whose reputation has long since spread beyond Sicily’s borders. Its quiet beaches and invigorating air are an invitation to stroll, a pure moment of escape not to be missed during a romantic stay. Along the coast, water sports are also abundant and will delight thrill-seekers. The conditions are particularly ideal for windsurfing.


The Best Diving Sites in the Region

During your stay in your villa in Palermo, do not hesitate to leave the city for a magical experience. Off the coast, Ustica Island is a piece of paradise where nature is a beautiful combination of wild coves, lush vegetation, and secret caves. Underwater, a completely different world, is revealed to visitors. As all Italian divers will tell you, this authentic island is home to some of the best diving sites in the Mediterranean. The clear waters of Ustica Island are the sanctuary of a vibrant and varied fauna and flora. After a unique encounter with these marine species, let yourself be tempted by the culinary specialties offered in the island’s only village, the charming town of Ustica, characterized by its immaculate white houses. Moments of pleasure guaranteed!


Top 5 Unmissable Experiences in Palermo

The Massimo Theatre

For your stay in Palermo, plan a stop at the Massimo Theatre, which remains the oldest opera house in Italy. Also, the third-largest in Europe, this building, once dedicated to King Victor-Emmanuel II in the 19th century, is a must. While enjoying the superb neoclassical style, your guide will explain that the monument was inaugurated with a concert the famous Italian composer Verdi.

The Pretoria Fountain

It was in 1554, in the beautiful city of Florence, that the Fountain of Shame was built. Later, it was transferred to Palermo, in Pretoria Square. You will discover with astonishment that the name of the fountain results from the nakedness of the figures, to represent corruption in the city. The fountain contains some Olympians as well as splendid statues symbolizing the rivers of Palermo. To be seen, no doubt.

The Beach of Sferracavallo

Throughout Palermo, the most beautiful beach in the Sicilian capital remains that of Sferracavallo. This incredible place will look like it’s straight out of a palette of paint with over a hundred shades of blue. While admiring the reflections of the water, you will be surprised to see magnificent colored fish. The region is also preserved to the extent that it is part of an environmental protection zone.


During your stay in Palermo, make sure you take a detour to the suburb of Addaura, where the beautiful beach of Acapulco is located. It is a superb district that can be visited for a long time on foot. Your walk will invariably lead you to a stone platform next to the beach where you can relax and drop off your belongings. You will reach the sea by walking on the rocks beforehand. The setting is idyllic and calls for some poetry reading.


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