This tall, slim, physically fit athlete of a fine actor has pretty much everything going for him. He’s been in numerous feature-length motion pictures, TV series and has done plenty of stage acting along with live modeling on the catwalk. So, with all these great items on his resumé you would think that he has a one-track mind that’s set on acting and that’s it. Well, actually, you may be right about that right now but it wasn’t always the case.

Ego, Greek by heritage was born in Russia and has a very high IQ along with a very fundamental urge to succeed at whatever he goes after. Maybe that’s why he won the State’s Gold Medal for highest achievements in high school where he also earned the title “Master of Sport.” Besides that, Ego was thoroughly into music and nailed the high school musical with the main subjects being piano and the viola. Wait…there’s more. After high school Ego went on to Moscow State University and graduated as a TV Journalist. Pretty cool, huh! Then he did post-grad work at the Moscow New University where he was awarded a PH.D. in International Law. Oh yeah, he was also given the distinction of being named Guest Professor by the Utah-Russia Institute, UVSC. How many of you out there can claim that?

Ego realized that he had always loved the theatre and movies and acting in general so he founded the Twins Theatre in Moscow. And this, by the way, was after he did a stint in the Russian Special Forces! Is this guy admirable or what? Well, even though that was a rhetorical question, we can answer a resounding “Yes! He is admirable, and obviously talented, intelligent and most likely, a very tough character – so don’t mess with him.”

Ego is a very nice person but yes, he is a tough guy because he is a martial arts expert. We saw some of his wonderful and deadly moves on the Internet and he is as smooth as a dancer only with an edge and a great karate kick.

Some of the feature’s he’s been in are, Out For Vengeance, Genre, Coup, Neverland, Hello Au Revoir and Troy 2, The Odyssey, in which he turns a terrific performance as King Priam. Ego has some other movies and a TV series coming up in early 2017.

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