No Fuss Tips for Looking Great at the Office Christmas Party

No Fuss Tips for Looking Great at the Office Christmas Party


1) Apply your make up in the right order

We all know how it is when you have to do your makeup over and over again, and then probably one more time. You finish your perfect eyes and then you have that glitter and color dusted all over your face…so it’s time to take makeup remover to the area and start all over again with a layer of foundation. Or, you get your whole face done and somehow your mascara gets everywhere!

The best option for putting on makeup for such parties is contour makeup. That will make your face features prominent. Also put your makeup in another way. Start with getting your eye makeup done first. This includes your concealer, eyeshadow, and mascara. Afterward, apply your foundation. This will save you the frustration of taking off make up and doing it all over again because your glittery eyeshadow got everywhere. Lastly, apply your eyeliner to seal the deal.

2) Keep it simple with a classic updo

Does choosing the right hairstyle for your office Christmas party drive you nuts? There are so many options, new trends, and ways you can style your hair to match your dress. Don’t spend hours that you really don’t have trying to figure out how to style your hair differently than your normal every day office routine.

There will always be a classic answer that can never go out of style. Just work your hair into a simple updo! For some inspiration on easy updos no matter the length of your hair on pinterest, or watch some youtube videos.

3) Keeping your eyes shiny and bright

The holidays can be a tiring time. Between work, extra time with family and friends, and Christmas shopping – losing sleep is normal! However, that doesn’t mean that it needs to show at your holiday office party. Make them believe that you’re the most rested person in the room. You can do this by:

– Use colored concealer. This is one of the best tricks in the book. While it might seem a bit weird at first, consider the fact that different colors may brighten the darkness underneath your tired eyes. Try a color like yellow or salmon for dark circle correction. You can get a contour palette that can help you contour, highlight and conceal pretty well.

– Keep your teeth white. As well as keeping your eyes shiny and bright, take some time to look after your teeth. No one wants to be talking to the managing director at the office Christmas party while worrying about their stained teeth. A DIY teeth whitening kit will do just the trick and keep you confident in your smile.

4) Take your look from day to night

The problem with an office Christmas party is that you may be going straight from the office to the party. If you want to wow your coworkers with a little bit extra than normal, don’t fret! Here are some fast and easy tips to go form day to night:

– Add some shimmer to your look! Use a shimmer product or bronzer to highlight your cheekbones and temple.

– Darken your eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. A smokey eye is something you probably wouldn’t wear to your normal day at the office. Go with a traditional black/grey smokey eye or do something more festive like an emerald green.

– Put on a deeper color lipstick. Red is a classic and matches almost any outfit. However, you can also go for a nice plum, purple, or even wine. Any of these are super festive!

5) Look just how you want to in that dress

During the holidays, fitting perfectly into that dress you bought this summer might not be the easiest task. There is Thanksgiving, holiday parties with friends, and nights of going out that get in the way. Don’t make it that big of a deal though! There is a simple solution.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to prepare for the dress you chose to wear to your office Christmas party:

– Avoid bloating foods. While it’s hard to avoid these foods during the holidays, it’s only important that you avoid them for the few days leading up to your party. If you have any specific foods that you know personally that make you bloat, avoid them for a few days! This will help to keep the bulge to a minimum and you looking much slimmer in that cocktail dress.

– Use spanx. The quickest and easiest way to deal with extra bloating or pudge is to just use spanx! Find a pair that is seamless and hugs you in all the right places. You will be happy to just throw something on that makes you feel slim.

Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll be so much closer to making the perfect appearance at your office Christmas party! Just remember, don’t make any new or crazy beauty moves a few days before the party. This means new haircuts, tans, waxes, etc. You never know how your body will react, if you will turn out orange, or with a bob that you definitely didn’t want! For a no fuss Christmas party look, it’s best to go with what you know and add a little extra glam.

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