Natural Skin Care Movement and Its Importance

Natural Skin Care Movement and Its Importance

With the constant exposure to pressure, pollution, toxins, radiation, chemicals and overwhelmingly unhealthy foods we are forced to consume, it’s pretty expected we’ll eventually come face to face with multiple health hazards that may not only temporarily endanger separate spheres of our lives (weight gain, develop skin conditions, immune system fails, etc) but can affect our overall health negatively in the long run.

The green wave obsession has been on the steady rise in the recent few years, with plenty a celebrity endorsing it either for sport or real benefit. Whichever the motif, we’ve never had so many talks about the importance of switching to green and we’re happy someone has finally brought this matter to our attention. From the foods that we eat, to the habits we indulge to the body care we love – there’s always a place for the green to be introduced, embraced and finally – acknowledged for all the positive effects it can bring along.

Why are we fixating on the green all of a sudden?

All throughout years in recession and the economy downfall that came after, people faced a life with a struggling budget and not that many pleasures that can fit into it. Two of those pleasures were to eat healthy and use natural cosmetics. It’s always cheaper and easier to gauge on a 1.5$ hotdog from the local stand than buy an organic meal of 7$ and have a proper sit in at the restaurant, right? Things turned from quality and health to practicality of consumerism, and before we knew it – it all came down to cheap, greasy, unhealthy thrills that come in a bag.

All the bad habits have gradually led to a collective discomfort, health failures, skin conditions, growing obesity and various diseases developed. And then, like it happens with all good things in life, things suddenly changed. Someone started the health wave unexpectedly and we’re now collectively fighting to change something for better. Finally, we are acknowledging the beauty and advantage of organic and are eagerly trying to implement it in all things making a life. Naturally, not everyone is aware and it will be long till everyone gains consciousness of the importance of organic – but we are getting there.

Ok, got it! I am already eating organic, though. What else can I do to upgrade my health?

Eating organic is definitely the first step. The second, very important step to going organic is embracing it through your body care. The chemically processed cosmetics you now use may be very harmful for your skin health. Apart from the allergic reactions to certain ingredients that may easily be developed, the chemically processed cosmetics have the power to enter your bloodstream through the surface of the skin and heavily endanger it. This doesn’t apply to all chemicals, though – no need to panic just yet.

Nevertheless, here are some basic reasons to turn to natural skin care:

It’s absolutely safe

Years of using synthetic chemical products may cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system. The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs 80% of what we treat it with within 60 seconds. This is why staying away from toxic ingredients and turning to natural products is crucial if you feel like protecting yourself.

The environment says thanks

While it may seem unlikely, some toxins can contaminate both water and soil for generations, increasing risk of exposure. Further, the health of farm workers, local people, and wildlife isn’t endangered with organic farming as it avoids polluting chemicals that can have a negative effect. The packaging of organic products is often from sustainable, ethically managed wood sources. Some packaging is biodegradable, hence – safe for the environment.

You can make it yourself

Using organic products is giving you the satisfaction to be able to make your own. When you are the one choosing all products, you know exactly what ingredients to pick and therefore you aren’t letting any preservatives or toxic chemicals work their way into your crèmes. And if you don’t feel skilled enough to whip up your own products you can always rely on the handmade natural cosmetics that can be ordered online at affordable prices and highest recommendations for quality.

The animals will love you

Given that natural cosmetic products use ingredients from nature, none of the organic or mineral products require any animal testing. This is why natural cosmetics is often labeled “vegan cosmetic”, embracing and encouraging animal safety. So, next time you rub your wonderfully smelling bubble bath on your skin, you won’t have to think of innocent animals that have undergone pain for that product to get launched on the market.

Health is at the heart of everything we do, so embrace a path to a greener life and turn to products whose organic and environmental values align with your own.

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