Nail Wraps Accessories

Nowadays almost everything is controversial, but accessories as a deal breaker or maker of an outfit will probably never disappear from fashion basics. Every average outfit is transformable by small additions and can become an eyecatcher.

Accessories come in any way, shape or form. Especially in nail design recent developments are making the life of fashion loves easier. Nail wraps (Nagelfolien in German) are a new accessory for nails: super thin and self-adhesive foils, which are placed on the nails. Countless designs are available to complete any outfit with the right nails to go with.

Blikka, a young brand from Berlin, is a trendsetter in nail design. On , customers find a wide range of different designs/styles for all your needs: party, office, official occasions, concerts, beach holidays, etc.

To apply nail wraps is easier than you`d think: clean the nail and place the nail wrap on the nail and that’s it. The advantages over nail polish or expensive nail studio visits are apparent: No more waiting, waving, blowing, swearing and smudging. Thin foils make the designs look elegant and not bulky but are very robust and do not flake off after only a week.

Blikka – easy to make your outfit perfect. Look better, feel better. Easy said and now just as easily done.


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