My Rhinoplasty Story

My Rhinoplasty Story

There is a lot of controversy going on about plastic surgery of any kind. Many people frown upon nose jobs, breast augmentation and many other surgeries that can alter our looks. However, not many people consider the reasons why a certain person might have undergone plastic surgery. It might be because they were bullied about their looks, maybe they were unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, noses or something like that. No matter the reason, plastic surgery can help us feel a lot better about ourselves. In order to show you how a little change can affect our thinking I would like to share my rhinoplasty story with you. Not to brag or force you to undergo the same procedure, but just to help you understand other people better.

It all started when I was about 13 years old. I was playing outside with other children when suddenly a ball flew into my face. It was painful and somewhat bloody because my nose broke. My mother rushed me to the emergency room and they’ve managed to stop the bleeding and fix my nose. However, as I was growing up, I realized that they haven’t managed to put my nose back in place quite right. I had a small bump at the top and soon I developed some problems with breathing because of that slight alteration. I started to grow very conscious about my looks. I wasn’t actually bullied in school because of my nose, but there were some comments here and there about how it is curved and that it looked weird. Not to mention that there were some whistling sounds coming from my nose when I got nervous.

I may have exaggerated it in my head, but nevertheless my nose made me feel uncomfortable. When I was 17 and started going out with my friends I would almost never take photos, just because of my nose. If I wanted to take a picture I had to somehow hide it with my hair or simply avoid being photographed from the side. That always made me too aware of my surroundings and where the camera is, so I was never able to enjoy to the fullest. That’s when I started getting really emotional and my mum had to listen tome complaining about it every day. She could understand my pain, since sometimes I wouldn’t even go to a party just because I couldn’t make my hair fluffy enough to hide my nose, or I couldn’t get the makeup right.

A few months later, as soon as I turned 18 my mum said “If you want, we can go to Sydney to see a surgeon.” I was confused at first, because I never really considered plastic surgery for real, but she persuaded me to just go and talk to professionals. I was scared and shy and I didn’t really want to put my face on display and get critiques. Hover, I said yes, and we met with the surgeon; she examined my nose and spotted a few obvious problems. Then, she started giving me some suggestions and showed me how my nose could actually look like. As soon as I saw the possible outcome I looked at my mum and she instantly said “We’ll do it!”

Thanks to the professionals such as those at Rhinoplasty Sydney I was happy again! After all the swelling disappeared my “new face” was revealed. The alteration wasn’t exactly big; the surgeon just straightened up my nose, but I was thrilled! I didn’t do it for others, I did it for me. I no longer hadtroubles breathing and my self-consciousness and shyness were gone! I became more confident, I went out proudly and no one had a negative commentabout my nose. My life changed completely.

Yes, I wanted to change my looks, but only because it made me extremely self-conscious and made me feel bad about myself. That’s not something that should be frowned upon. Even the smallest alterations on our bodies can affect how we feel and go through lifequite a lot. That’s exactly what happened to me.


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