My Reasons For Liking Gruv Nail Products !

My Reasons For Liking Gruv Nail Products !

Women enjoy collecting fashionable nail lacquer and often have rather big selection to choose from. Just like apparel and skin cosmetics, nail paint is a way to express and beautify the body. Some will spend a long time over their nails each week just to make sure they look presentable. The problem with their selection of nail products is that most of them will easily fall apart, meaning that it constantly needs re-applying. Those who want stronger nails may think about getting their nails professionally painted with gel paints or some will go for nail Lacquer. But meanwhile what most of the women don’t focus on is the ingredients of the product and the quality of the material used.

Gruv Nail products

In context to the above I am just like another girl who always want her nails to look presentable. But I don’t go for any nail product without going through its ingredients and testing its quality. Because most of the nail and makeup products are made from harmful ingredients that may result in damage to your nail or skin. A nail product should always be 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly. And obviously it must look perfect after it’s applied on your nail and should last longer. After a long testing and searching a couple of years ago I came across a company named Gruv. They are manufactures of different nail products including Nail Lacquer, Nail polishes and other nail related accessories.

As usual I gone through there whole site and read all about their nail products. Got to know that they use majority of natural ingredients in their nail products like almond oil, peach oil and other such natural herbs and oils and colors. And they are around from a reasonable time. So after getting my trust I ordered a kit from them that consisted 4 colors a couple of lamps and shiners and other nail accessories. Deal was in reasonable price so I grabbed it 🙂

Gruv 4 Color Deal I am Talking About

When the products physically came into my hand and I applied on my nails it felt awesome. There was clear difference between gruv nail products and every other usual nail product. Even I had been using some big brands (won’t put there names here) but the glow and smoothness of my nails haven’t been like that before. And with the use of lamps it has taken less time to dry and the color brightened properly and it lasted for longer period too (depends on my routine it can be a couple of days to a week time). Its been around 2 years since I am using Gruv Nail Lacquer & Polish and I am very much satisfied with them.

Now I am not the only one who use Gruv Nail Products. My friends and cousins also follow whatever I suggest. So they have been using the Gruv Nail Lacquer and UV polish too and none of them ever complained about any kind of infection or bad experience with these nail products. Prices are reasonable too, so any fashion and style loving person can afford that. And being a fashion and makeup expert I do highly recommend using gruv products for your nails.


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