Multi-talented Dennis A Harmon talks about his ‘Love or Lust’

Multi-talented Dennis A Harmon talks about his ‘Love or Lust’

Dennis A Harmon is a Producer, Director, Composer, who is dedicated to producing and writing innovative Films, Music, sound design and wedding videography. The company founded by Dennis Harmon Jr also known as Abrasive B, has delivered over 20 short films, 4 studio albums, produced numerous songs, while shooting numerous amounts of weddings. ‘Love or Lust’ a romance comedy film is one of his most awaited upcoming projects. We are sharing our recent conversation with him.

Dennis Harmon

Pro Media Mag : First of all we would like to know about the start of your professional career. Who or what inspired you to get into entertainment industry
Dennis Harmon : Music has really inspired me into the film industry. Being heavily involved in the music industry, drained me a lot, and I felt it was time to pull out what I have been wanting to do for years, and that was film my own movie, and produced the soundtrack. A lot of what I do, still revolves around music in certain ways, the only difference is, and filming allows me to really embrace my creativity.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your upcoming film “Love or Lust”?
Dennis Harmon : Love or Lust is a feature romance comedy film directed by Myself. Love or lust is about a couple who meet with different past, will be tested on whether their intentions were love or just lust. It’s more focus on modern day, I try to go into depth on how our generation views relationships, hiding text, social media, etc. It has a lot of comedy, I really wanted to bring a lot of comedy aspects, in different forms. Certain audiences will understand certain humor, that I point out I think it will be funny.
love or lust
Pro Media Mag : You have written, directed and also played a role in the film. It must be a tough ask?
Dennis Harmon : Yes you are absolutely right it was a tough task, nothing I couldn’t handle, but it was very mind draining. At some points it was fun, but then also challenging. I will be doing some more of that, because I enjoyed being in front of the camera a lot on set.

Pro Media Mag : What was the inspiration behind writing this film. ?
Dennis Harmon : That is a very great Pro Media Mag. A lot of my inspiration came from Gods creation, summer days, sunny, warm weather, trees, nature, such as that. I thought it would be fun to make, a romance film in the summer, where a couple meet at. Very cliché but, the idea of warm nice weather played a huge role in it.

Pro Media Mag : When it will be released and what kind of response you are expecting from the release?
Dennis Harmon : I am looking at a summer released, possibly this June. I am looking for a very well received response from critics, hoping that everywhere just enjoys it and finds it funny. A lot of people are at the edge of their seats awaiting, the release, and that brings a lot of excitement to the table.

Pro Media Mag : You have produced numerous songs and also have 4 studio albums on your credit. It seems you have deep love for music as well?
Dennis Harmon : Yes I do. Music has brought me more into the film industry, I guess you can name music as a huge impact on why I love film making. When I shoot films, I am also composing the music for everything I shoot, filming just adds another platform for producing music.

Pro Media Mag : What has been the biggest achievement in your career so far?
Dennis Harmon : So far the biggest achievement has been me being able to put this film together. This being my first, typically, filmmakers start off doing shorts, but I was able to put a 65 minute film together. From writing, picking locations, casting, funding, assembling meetings, learning the craft, it has been a journey, and to say I was able to put a feature film together is absolutely the biggest so far.

Pro Media Mag : What do you enjoy more, Films or Music?
Dennis Harmon : I enjoy Films more, although recording an Album is less work, I think Films allow me to be more creative at the end of the day, and while I am doing that, I can still throw what music I want in there. Films, I also have more control over what I do, I feel free, not having to worry about, what song, should I make to please everyone, I can just focus on just doing it.

Pro Media Mag: Our readers would like to know about your other upcoming projects?
Dennis Harmon : I have a few projects coming out, since I have a high demand for some new music, I will be releasing some new tracks, as well as another spin off love or lust. I am currently still writing the film, as well as picking the cast, I want to spend the year finishing it up, and then maybe next year we can start filming. I will also be pitching it on others projects helping out such as Davar Mcgee Director of “What A Shame” and Brian Few Jr Director of “Angels Walk” two which are really good brothers of mine, they have some good material coming out, I will be helping out with.

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